The beginning of the new school year can be hard on a budget. Not only that your kids need new school supplies and books each year, chances are that they’ve completely outgrown all of their clothes during the summer break. When you add it all up, it seems that having a student in your home is going to cost you an $883 on average, at least according to RetailMeNot. These statistics indicate that Canadian parents are spending more money than their fellows in the United States, but that these expenses are putting a big strain on the family finances, as well.

However, if you spend your pennies smart, you can save a huge amount of money on back to school items- without compromising on anything. How? By buying second hand. You can find all of the things from our list below at your local thrift store, or, even better, from the comfort of your home via VarageSale.

Check out our money-saving tips on back to school necessities you should always buy second hand- and make sure that the start of the school season is stress-free!

#1 Stationery and other school supplies

Pencils, crayons, notebooks, binders, pencil cases… The list goes on and on, and the chances are that your kid has their mind set on a particular color code or maybe fave cartoon theme- in any case, hunting for the right supplies can be not only costly but a tiring ordeal. That is, unless you comb through your local VarageSale listings, comfortably seated, with a mug of coffee to get you through the hunt. In that case, the ordeal becomes a fun challenge, and the pricey bill can be reduced to a fraction of its original amount!

#2 Backpacks

Last year, your kid was obsessed with Batman, so naturally, it meant getting a superhero-themed backpack. This year, it’s Spiderman or nothing- and they didn’t even get the chance to ruin the previous season’s backpack. The good thing about this situation is that you’re not alone. A lot of parents go through the same thing, but some of them decide to cover part of the cost of the new one by selling the old-but-in-perfect-condition one online. This means that there is a high probability you’ll be able to find exactly the type of backpack your kid wants but pay way less for it. Win-win!

#3 Clothes

This item on the list is the easiest one to find- and it might also be the one that saves you the most money. For a new school semester, your kid will need new clothes, shoes, accessories: even if they haven’t outgrown them from last year (which I highly doubt), they’ll want to start off the new school year with some new cute outfits. Especially if we’re talking teens! Instead of going on a mall shopping spree and making an iceberg-sized dent in your budget, dig through listings to find great deals on clothes that somebody else’s kid has outgrown before getting a chance to wear them out.

#4  Dorm Furniture and Dishes

If you have a college student in the household, chances are that their school expenses are tenfold the amount they were before the university. Stay within the budget by cutting cost on furnishing the dorm and campus living necessities by buying them at a thrift store or online. At VarageSale, you can find great deals on everything and anything from bed frames to Tupperware sets- and the savings are not insignificant.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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