If you have a trick-or-treater in your home, you’ve probably already know what they want to go as for Halloween. Princesses, cowboys, unicorns… Those are all safe bets with most kids, but each year gives us new pop culture characters that kids tend to go bananas for… Whether it’s the latest superhero movie or Disney’s character that’s got your young one under a spell, it’s all the same for your budget: trendiest Halloween costumes tend to be the priciest of the lot. And I think you’ll agree with me that the scariest thing about Halloween is how much of a dent it can make in your family’s budget! Well, there’s no need to overspend in order to get your kid the costume they want. Learn how to put together this year’s most popular Halloween kids by buying second hand!

The Incredibles

Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes was all the rage in cinemas this year! It’s no wonder that Incredibles costumes are one of the most sought after this year- especially considering they work great as a theme for the whole family. But the most incredible thing about the Incredibles costume is that you can copy their look without having to dole out a lot of moolah.  A bit of craftiness is needed to cut out the eye mask (hint: buy a black sleeping eye mask at your local dollar store and cut out holes for the eyes) and iron on an Incredibles patch if you really want to make it look perfect (you can get these on Amazon for less than $10!). Grab a pair of red tights and a matching tee, pair it with black boots, gloves, and stretchy undies- and you’ve got yourself a costume. The best part is that you can find all of these items for way less money if you buy them at VarageSale!


You’ll be hard pressed to find a young one hasn’t been enamored by this Pixar’s animated movie. However, your kid’s obsession with Coco could be a blessing in disguise, as it’s so easy to put together some fab DIY versions of Coco costumes. For boys, Miguel Rivera costume is especially easy peasy: buy a red hoodie, old ukulele, and some face paint, and you’re all set. Seriously, apart from having to watch a few YouTube tutorials to get the face makeup right, this costume is as easy as they come. For Imelda costume, you might have to do a bit more outfit-hunting, but, really, any thrifted purple dress that is at least similar to hers will do. Paired with a simple brown apron, hair updo and Día de Muertos inspired makeup, your kid will look the part without you having to break the bank!

Black Panther

Wakanda forever! If your kid loves Black Panther, you’re probably as tired of this phrase as Chadwick Boseman himself. Of course, this should stop you from giving your kid the superhero costume of their dreams. The fact you can do it with thrifted items is only an added bonus! Unless you have a really high standard when it comes to details, dressing your kid in all black from head to toe (plus gloves!) will suffice, especially if you add little details like claws on the gloves’ fingers (glue gun and cheap press on nails from a dollar store). To top it all off, either order a Black Panther face mask or make your own- there are tons of templates you can print out to make a paper helmet that looks surprisingly good!

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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