Did you know that the Back to School rush is one of the best times to make extra cash on VarageSale? While some members start shopping in July, the bulk of our members begin their back to school shopping in August, so NOW is the time to list items for the back to school crew.

Here are our best tips to make extra cash selling your new and gently used goods on VarageSale during Back to School.

1. Do Your Research

Have a look at your own kids’ Back to School supply and reading lists for this year and from previous years. Which books and supplies do you have, and which grades/ages are they appropriate for? Do you have other items in your house (such as backpacks, lunch boxes, or other accessories) that would be great for kids of the same age?

Now have a look at similar items for sale in your local community and make note of which items seem to have a lot of interest. How much are they selling for? How are they described in the listing? What words do sellers use in their titles? Be sure to use these insights to price and promote your own items.

2. Bundle Items Effectively

Bundling items appeals to members who are looking to take care of their back to school shopping quickly and get a great bargain. Bundles are a great way to make larger sales!

There are lots of different ways to bundle your items – according to age/grade, the type of item, or grouping an item with the necessary accessories.

Here are our best tips on bundling items for back to school shoppers.

3. Write a Great Title and Description

Write a clear, concise title that describes your item or bundle. Titles that are 5-20 words long sell better than longer titles. You can get all our best tips on writing titles and descriptions that sell here.

4. Take Advantage of Group Swaps

Many members of VarageSale communities organize group swaps to make buying and selling easy and efficient. Group swaps are a great way to meet a lot of prospective buyers and sell a lot of things quickly!

Check to see if your community has a group swap, and if it doesn’t, consider organizing one.

You can read more about the benefits of group swaps here.

BONUS TIP: Take Great Photos!

Great photos make a huge difference and will help your items sell faster. How you ask? These are our best tips to help you become a pro photographer.

Get Selling Now!

We know that Back to School is an expensive time. Taking advantage of the Back to School rush on VarageSale can help you make extra cash quickly and easily – just in time to help pay for those swimming lessons, the latest sneakers your kid just has to have, or even a spa day for yourself once September rolls around! Don’t forget about yourself or feel bad about spoiling yourself with a little down time. You deserve it 🙂

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