After the lazy days of summer, the transition back to school can seem particularly hectic. However, with a little preparation you can bring some of that relaxed summer feeling into September with you. Here are our must-do’s for managing the transition like the boss that you are.

Get Back Into a Routine

To make the transition back to early morning wake-ups, lunch packing, and school drop-offs less jarring, start to transition your routine a couple weeks before the first day of school. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure everyone gets to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep. Start transitioning bedtimes and it will make it much easier to get everyone up in the morning.

Make Some Room

Back to school can often mean a huge shopping list and a lot of new stuff, making now the perfect time to de-clutter. While you have the kids around, take time to check which clothes they’ve outgrown, which clothes can be stored for next summer, and what they need for the new school year. Then go through their toys and books and see which ones can be sold or donated to make room for this year’s reading list and must-have toys.

Turn That Clutter Into Cash

Once you’ve decided what will stay and what will go, listing items in good condition on VarageSale is a great way to turn that clutter into cash. Selling on VarageSale is fun and easy, and who couldn’t use a little extra money to take the bite out of back to school bills?

You can get started now by listing your first item.

Create a Backpack and Shoe Station

Now that you’ve de-cluttered and made some space, consider setting up a backpack and shoe station. Making a designated, easy to clean space for backpacks and shoes is an easy way to keep your entryway neat and organized. Backpacks can go on a hook near the door or in a bin, and there are many easy-to-clean doormats and shoe racks on the market. You will thank yourself when the winter weather rolls around!

And of course, getting your kids in the habit of emptying out their lunchboxes as soon as they get home can help prevent smelly surprises. Stay tuned for easy lunch prep ideas – coming soon to the VarageSale blog.

A little bit of preparation can help the whole family get off to a great start in September. Don’t forget to check out your local VarageSale community for great back to school deals on books, clothes, sports equipment and more!

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