Want to send your kid to the camp without breaking the bank? Here are our top 5 hacks that will make children summer camps easy on the wallet!

#1 Check for Scholarships or Discounts

Before we get to the list of things you need to buy for the camp, there’s the matter of the cost of the camp. Not all summer camps your kid would like to go to will fit in your budget, so it’s important to check if there are alternatives that could bring the costs down. For instance, a lot of summer camps will have scholarships available or offer incentives such as sibling discount. There are also low-cost options such as church camps or free local summer camps for kids. Before you spend the big bucks, examine all of the available options first!

#2 Don’t Waste Money on New Clothes

Sure, you want your kid to look their best and, especially if they’re in their teens, they want the same thing. But, in reality, after their time at the summer camp, most of their clothes will be ruined. Stains that are impossible to get out, sneakers that are too dirty to be salvaged, torn tees… It’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want your kid to take their Sunday best with them on their summer adventures.  Instead, if there’s anything they don’t already have, check Varage Sale for some good deals on pre-loved items. You can get great kids clothes and shoes for less when you buy second hand– and since they’re cheap, you won’t grieve too much when they ruin them!

#3  Buy Socks and Undies in Bulk

When it comes to their undies and socks, it’s the same story as it is with their clothes. Even if they somehow don’t manage to lose half of them, chances are they’ll be hard to salvage after a summer away at camp. This is where all those mismatched socks get their chance to shine, or where you get to buy those bulk buy cheap ones and don’t give it a second thought. When it comes to kids summer camp, quantity is the new quality.

#4 Raid the Local Dollar Store

Your kid needs a swimsuit for the camp, you have to pack them a beach towel but you know they’ll lose it somewhere along the way, or you want to save money on all the toiletries they’ll be needing for a summer away from home? Your local dollar store will have everything you need (and more), and it won’t make a dent in your tight budget. In fact, chances are that you can do most of your basic summer camp shopping there- you’ll save money and won’t have to go from store to store!

#5 Use a Sharpie for Labeling

This hack is both money-saving and simplifying. You don’t have to buy sew-in or iron-in name tags, and then spend too much time labeling all of your kid’s clothes. Grab a laundry marker and start scribbling-  the markers will cost you less than a $1 and the process is super quick!

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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