You don’t have to break the bank to invite the holiday season into your home! With a few hacks and creative tips, your Thanksgiving party decorations won’t cost you more than a few bucks, but they’ll definitely impress your guests. Check out how to save money on holiday decor without having to compromise on looks!

#1 Bare Branch Centerpieces


Opting for autumn-themed, shabby-chic centerpieces is a tried and true win for Thanksgiving decorations. However, you don’t have to raid your wallet to buy pre-made centerpieces- just put in a little effort, and your DIY version will top the store-bought one. Go on a walk and collect interesting branches or pinecones, and place them in large glass vases. Add some rocks at the bottom or wrap LED wire lights from a dollar store around the branches for a romantic atmosphere.

#2 Rustic Cinnamon Candles


Candles will make your Thanksgiving table feel homier and cozier. But what’s the solution if you don’t want plain white candles but don’t want to shell out extra money for fancy decorative ones? A glue gun, sticks of cinnamon, and some twine rope. Glue the cinnamon sticks all around the candle, and bind them with a piece of twine, for ornamental purpose. Not only these look fabulous, but they’ll add some beautiful scent, too!

#3 Repurpose Halloween Pumpkins

thanksgiving-decor-3Did you go a bit overboard with pumpkins or tiny gourds for the spooky season? Do not fret, you can still enjoy them even when Halloween passes! If you have leftover pumpkins that hadn’t been carved, use them to decorate the table or as Thanksgiving decorations for your entryway. Those tiny pumpkins everyone’s been going crazy about this year can even be stuffed in a stylish glass container for a unique centerpiece. You can even use gold or rose gold spray to color them if you want a more elegant look for Thanksgiving decorations.

#4 Autumn Leaf Wreaththanksgiving-decor-4

When doing Thanksgiving decorations, you should start with the front door. An attractive, holiday-themed wreath will look inviting and fit in nicely with the autumnal landscape around your home. The simplest version of a DIY Thanksgiving wreath is definitely that made out of colorful autumn leaves. You can make this into a kid-friendly DIY project and get your young ones to help you collect and glue the leaves to a circle cut out of cardboard.

#5  Family Gratitude Jar

thanksgiving-decor-5Don’t let fussing over the dinner menu or dining room decorations make you forget what Thanksgiving is all about! A great way to remind everyone that this is the holiday when you should reflect on all things in life that make you feel gratitude is making a family gratitude jar. Pick out a nice jar or a glass container in a local dollar store, and decorate it with a Sharpie or a pretty ribbon. Before the holiday, everyone can write down what they’re thankful for- and you can take turns reading notes after dinner.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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