’Tis the season for family gatherings, touch football and the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s right—Turkey Day has finally arrived in the US. So American friends, put on those stretchy pants and dig into a veritable smorgasbord of delicious turkey, stuffing and all the fixins.

But not everyone celebrates this much-beloved holiday the same way. Curious to know which classic Thanksgiving dish best suits your celebratory style? Take our quick quiz and keep track of your answers to pair your Turkey Day staples with a festive persona.  


1. Your favorite Thanksgiving tradition is…?

A. The meal itself, of course! You adore sitting around the table filled with foods you lovingly prepared.
B. Gathering your closest friends for your annual “friendsgiving” celebration.
C. Visiting your parents or in-laws for the weekend and soaking up as much family time as possible.
D. Playing a friendly game of touch football—this isn’t a spectator sport!

Thanksgiving turkey | VarageSale2. Your table will be decorated with…?

A. Classic décor and accessories (turkeys, Pilgrims and cornucopias galore)—think traditional with a twist.
B. Metallics and modern color palettes—it’s fall feasting meets fashion.
C. Family heirlooms, formal settings and place cards, because you only get to fully dress a table a few times a year.
D. Beautiful squash, pumpkins and gourds take center stage—a bit rustic, and naturally chic.

3. Your Thanksgiving preparation includes…?

A. An intricate to-do list, so you don’t miss a single detail.
B. Sending out elegant save-the-date cards to your extended network of friends.
C. Frequent phone calls with your mom—you’re still mastering those family recipes.
D. Some form of exercise. You gotta stay fit during this feasting season!

4. During Thanksgiving, your friends and family compliment you on…?

A. Your thoughtfulness.
B. Your cleverly coordinated outfit.
C. Your loving nature.
D. Your zen attitude.

Thanksgiving apron | VarageSale5. Your Thanksgiving attire consists of…?

A. Something comfortable and light, since you’ll be spending most of the day in the kitchen.
B. A dress in warm colors or jewel tones because any holiday gathering is a fashionable affair.
C. A frilly apron over a skirt and top—a perfect combo of pretty and practical.
D. Yoga pants and a sweater because you’re always on the move.

6. You’ll be spending Thanksgiving with…?

A. Family and friends, because everyone is welcome.
B. A large group of friends and co-workers.
C. Only your closest family members.
D. Whoever decides to join—you’re flexible on the invite list.

Thanksgiving groceries | VarageSale7. Where do you do most of your shopping for the big day?

A. Chain grocery stores have the best selection.
B. Online, because all the ingredients are just a few clicks away!
C. At your local grocer, where you’ve been going for years.
D. Your local farmer’s market, since they have the freshest produce.

Thanksgiving Day | VarageSale8. When do you start planning your Thanksgiving festivities?

A. About a month in advance. That’s enough time to capture all the important details.
B. Three months in advance. Thanksgiving is a top social occasion!
C. You started planning last Thanksgiving. It’s your favorite time of the year.
D. The week before. Your Turkey Day affairs are more casual.


Classic roast turkey | VarageSaleIf you answered mostly A’s… roast turkey is the dish for you.

You’re a traditionalist who plans her family’s feast far in advance and thoughtfully thinks through every detail. Your rendition of roast turkey is lovingly accompanied by a gravy recipe that has been passed down through the generations and made from scratch. Your family—and extended family—knows your dining table is the place to be this time of year!

Cranberry sauce | VarageSaleIf you answered mostly B’s… cranberry sauce is your spirit food.

A little tart and full of energy, you bring the party to Thanksgiving dinner. You dress things up, let the wine flow freely and enjoy spending Thanksgiving with friends. If you’re playing hostess, your table features fashion-forward accessories. Or, if attending Thanksgiving dinner as a guest, you always bring a sought-after hostess gift.

Pecan pie | VarageSaleIf you answered mostly C’s… you’re sweeter than pecan pie!

Fall and winter are your favorite seasons, bringing those you love close around the table for family gatherings. You crave the comfort of your nearest and dearest and can be quite nostalgic this time of year. Never afraid to indulge your sweet tooth, you always save room for this Thanksgiving staple.

Sweet potato mash | VarageSaleIf you answered mostly D’s… sweet potato mash is the match for you.

You enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while keeping your healthy attitude in mind. This side dish suits your personality because it’s packed with nutrients to keep your energy high. You might start off Thanksgiving Day with a morning run or yoga class to keep your cool during this sometimes hectic holiday.


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