As American Thanksgiving rolls around, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am for so many different things in my life. Sure, Canadian Thanksgiving may have already come and gone, but it’s nice to be able to give thanks more than once a year. 😉

If, five years ago, someone had told me I’d be the mother of a beautiful little boy and co-founder of a successful startup company, surrounded by a host of wonderful people to keep me going when things got tough, I would have said “Sounds wonderful, but… you’re joking, right?”

Back then, I was very much in love with my job (elementary school teacher) and my husband (Carl). I took joy in having a career where I could make the difference in the lives of others. I adored being in the classroom, surrounded by little ones, and coming home to a partner who was kind, generous and supportive.

Soon Carl and I were ready to have a little one of our very own. I knew that becoming a mother meant life would change overnight. But in my case, I became a mother and an entrepreneur at the very same time. My life didn’t just change overnight, it experienced a cosmic shift.

You’ll know from reading my story that VarageSale was born around the same time that Noah was. And that, without Carl’s help, neither of my ‘babies’ would be here today! Sure, both my child and my business have meant many sleepless nights, but I am so very, very grateful that I have them in my life.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 things that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. My family

Tami ZuckermanTo my ever supportive husband for taking my dream and making it into a reality, for working hard every single day and for being there when I need you… To my sweet Noah, for your hugs, your unconditional love and for giving me the gift of motherhood…To my adorable kitties for your warm bellies and loud purrs… I want to say a great big THANKS!

2. VarageSale admins, members and staff

My fellow admins, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Your feedback, your encouragement and your suggestions have helped us get to where we’re at today. Getting to know you, I have discovered some very special people around the globe. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking this journey with me. (Oh, and by the way, this is just the beginning!)

Members, this product was built with you in mind, but it’s only the success that it is because you are actively making use of it! You’re on the website or app, browsing through your favorite categories, posting your own items, buying, selling and having a great old time! I am eternally grateful that you love VarageSale as much as you do. It’s your love that makes all those late nights worth it! 😉

VarageSale team

To my VarageSale staff working endless hours to continue to build my vision, your warmth, sense of humor and initiative makes me smile when I come into the office each day. Thank you for all the incredible work you’ve done to help make this product the best it could possibly be. You are sincerely appreciated!

VarageSale open house 20143. The entrepreneurial journey

From the time VarageSale was just an idea to the moment we created the platform we know and love today, this journey has been the ride of my life! I am thankful for everything I’ve learned, all the amazing people I’ve met, and for having the freedom to follow a dream. Not only that, but I couldn’t be happier that the product we created is responsible for bringing communities together, helping families in times of need and giving members a fun place to buy, sell and connect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Tami Zuckerman - founder of VarageSale

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