It may feel like summer has only just begun, but the back-to-school shopping season is already upon us. For sellers, it’s the perfect time of year to experiment with bundling to increase sales.

While scrolling through your VarageSale community feed, you’ve likely noticed sellers who have added multiple items to a single listing. This technique is called “bundling,” and grouping your items together in this manner can help you sell more and also save you some serious time (because you won’t need to list each item individually).

Not only does bundling save sellers time and effort, it also meets the needs of buyers on the prowl for a good bargain and the convenience of crossing multiple items off their shopping list at once.

Of course, not all bundles are created equally, and there’s an art to grouping items efficiently. If the bundle is done well, all the items come together to create an attractive whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. If the bundle is done poorly, the collection makes no sense and you’ll be bombarded with people who want Item A, but not Item B or C.

Not sure about the most effective way to bundle your items into yearbook-worthy goodness for back-to-school shoppers? Never fear — we’ve got you covered. We’ve whipped together a quick lesson plan to guide you through the process of collecting, categorizing and listing your bundle to sell before the bell rings.

Group similar items together

This is probably the most well-known type of bundle (and the one you’re likely most familiar with). Sellers simply collect similar items together in one efficient listing. One example is pairing a backpack with a lunchbox and a thermos — it makes far more sense to bundle these items  together than to sell each one individually. And buyers benefit from getting everything for a single price.bundle-do-donts-2

Another way to look at this type of bundle is by item category. In other words, if you’re eager to sell some stationery, list pens, pencils, pencil case, binders and notebooks together as a single bundled listing under School & Office > School Supplies. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If items would fall into the same category on VarageSale, it might make sense to list them together.

Group items by size

Bundling items in lots of the same size is especially good for back-to-school shoppers. Have you decluttered your closets recently and are looking to get rid of a few barely worn pairs of shoes that your teenager refuses to wear? Or perhaps your little one has recently moved up a clothing size and you need to buy them a whole new wardrobe before the fall? When it comes to clothing and accessories, consider creating bundles by size to sell together.

Since buyers (particularly parents of fast-growing little ones!) are often happy to pick up a variety of clothes and accessories at once, these types of lots are a boon to both buyers and sellers alike. Just be sure to clearly indicate the type of clothing (i.e. women’s, men’s or kid’s) and the size in the item’s title and description so it’s easier for buyers to discover while searching.

Parents who are shopping for back-to-school wardrobes are looking for everyday essentials and outfits that will get their child through the week. So, if you have multiple pairs of shoes, pants, tops, or even full outfits in a single size, sell them together to get more mileage out of your listing.

Group items with accessories

Try to anticipate how one item might enhance the value of another and put those together as a package deal. For example, pair an old desk globe with a geography textbook or an atlas to create an educational tool for young cartographers.bundle-do-donts-1

This tip is particularly applicable to those of you selling gadgets and electronics. If you’ve upgraded your smartphone, tablet, TV or other electronic recently, create a bundle with the item and all its accessories. For example, if you’re selling an old tablet, bundle it together with its charging cable, headphones, a protective case and any other relevant accessories.

Set up your listing

While creating a bundled listing is mostly the same as creating a regular one, there are a few distinct differences sellers should note. When building your bundled listing, don’t forget to take multiple photos of both the entire package and individual items. Snap clear shots of each item in the bundle to attach to your listing so buyers get a solid grasp of what’s included.

Next, you’ll need to set your price — but how do you know if the price is right? Back-to-school  buyers are usually on the hunt for a bargain, so sellers should keep this in mind when creating their listing. Do your homework to see what similar bundles are selling for in your area, and price accordingly, taking into account the size of your bundle, the quality of the items, and the value you’re offering to shoppers with your package.

A final word

While grouping your items for selling may sound overwhelming at first, following the aforementioned best practices can help you get organized and bundle your way to the seller’s honor roll.

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