Imagine this. You have half a dozen sales in the works and interested buyers are eagerly awaiting your items.

Your first thought is: “Yay, extra money!”

Your second thought is: “Wait. Buyer #1 wants to meet at the top of Mount Savemore at 3:00 on Thursday. But Buyer #2 asked to meet at the bottom of the mountain at 3:15. Going from top to bottom will take at least 25 minutes, plus I have to throw my kids in the car and pick up the family goat at 3:30. What if one buyer is late? What if nobody shows? Is $5 even worth the cost of travel? Ahhhhh.”

And so your money-making high fizzles out under the strain of time-management. (And yes, goat ownership.)

Experienced sellers know that coordinating sales can get complicated, but if there’s one small hack that makes selling easier, it’s the group swap. With a common time and place for members to make transactions, you can get more items sold in 30 minutes than you used to sell in a week.

If you’re a seller who’s interested in a little extra time, convenience and safety (aka. all of us), here are 7 reasons you should be organizing group swaps.

Reason #1 – Handy-dandy convenience

Why waste time and gas money when you could complete all your transactions at one convenient place? Make it easy on everyone with a routine time and location. Group swaps can also simplify things for your buyer. Once a member has committed to going, he or she might start asking other buyers and sellers to meet at the same swap.

Reason #2 – Safety in numbers

Not everyone feels comfortable inviting a stranger into their home or meeting one-on-one at an unfamiliar location. At a meetup, members are surrounded by an entire community of buyers and sellers–it’s a safe space to do what they love.

Reason #3 – Weed out the flakes

No-shows are no joke. Life gets busy and people’s plans change, but group swaps are a great way to avoid those pesky buyers who disappear on a dime.

In the event that a member forgets or simply doesn’t show, lining up dozens of other transactions means you haven’t wasted your time. Turn your swap into a weekly meetup and more people will be motivated to show up. It’s a lot easier to commit to a scheduled event than one that’s organized on the fly.

Reason #4 – Make more sales

A routine swap gives your followers a dependable way to pick up and makes it easier to sell off small items. Some sellers will offer discounted “group swap prices” as an extra incentive.

When buyers know where and when you’ll be selling items, they have good reason to look through your VarageSale Store and buy multiple things at once. A one-time buyer who loves your taste and style might just turn into a regular customer!

Reason #5 – Swap day is like payday

For some, VarageSale is like a second job, bringing in extra income when life throws them a curveball. From layoffs and medical bills to home renovations and long-awaited family vacations, many of our members rely on the extra cash flow they make each week.

The guaranteed payment is enough to make any seller’s heart skip a beat. (Did you feel that flutter?) Sellers love it because they already know what items they’re selling, how much money they’ll make and who they’re swapping with before they even arrive.

Reason #6 – Get social

Picture endless rows of parked cars. Thousands of goods spilling out of hundreds of trunks. Members crossing sold items off lists while children play nearby. Lots of gossiping, catching up, and questions about what you’ll be posting next. For many members, routine swaps are about so much more than just buying and selling. They’re about connecting with other members in their community.

Do you sell your items at group swaps? Does your family have a pet goat? Share your stories in the comments below.

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