You and your family want to wring every last drop out of summer – without breaking the bank. We’ve got your back! Here are three great ideas to enjoy for family fun on a budget.

Get Wet and Wild

Slip and slide | VarageSale
Slip and Slide

Turn your backyard into a water park with a sprinkler and a Slip ’n Slide. The perfect way to cool off on a hot day, these instant water slides can also be used to play a ton of fun games. Here’s a couple to try:

Human Bowling

Set up some large inflatable bowling pins (or stuffed animals that you don’t mind getting wet) and have the kids try to knock them all down in one go.

Grab It

Set up a number of soft, waterproof objects along the slide. Assign a certain number of points to each type of item – for example, balls can be 100 points. Then have each kid slide down and try to grab as many things as they can on the way. The person with the most points after 3 slides wins!

Enjoy a Sweet Treat

Ice cream maker | VarageSale
Instead of spending time and money standing in line for ice cream, why not make your own?

A homemade ice cream maker makes it easy, and you’ll quickly recoup the cost. There are tons of great ice cream recipes online, including some that are all natural and low sugar. Your kid’s sweet tooth doesn’t have to cost a fortune – in summer treats or in dentist bills!

Look Up! Look Way, Way Up!

Astronomy book | VarageSale

Explore the vast reaches of the galaxy without ever leaving your backyard. Get a kid’s astronomy book and spend an evening stargazing. Help kids identify constellations and learn the mythology behind them. This is a great activity for when you have a house full of kids sleeping over. You might learn something too!

Enjoy the sunshine, and don’t forget to dive into your local VarageSale community to score great deals on all sorts of summer essentials!

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