It’s no secret that buying used stuff and selling your own when you don’t need it anymore is great for the budget. The savings can be huge if you’re open to buying second-hand goods and know where to look for it- you can cut costs on everything from kitchen gadgets to clothing. But what not many people know is that, with a trained eye and a good strategy, you can actually turn a profit by buying used goods and reselling them online. In fact, many seasoned thrifters and online sellers actually do this to supplement their family’s budget- some of ‘em are so good that they can turn their talent for scoring second-hand finds into a full-time job. So, where to start if you want to be among the select few that are earning big bucks on used items?


Pick the right items

If you focus only on one type of product, you can’t go wrong. For instance, you can scour thrift shops and online websites for vintage clothing (or even vintage clothing from a specific era) to resell, or look for collectible toys, or antique pottery, etc. There’s a market for literally everything- do some research on what is popular in each niche so you know what to keep an eye on while you’re thrifting. The fact that you’ll focus your attention on certain products only will make the “hunt” much more productive.

Research before you buy

Unless your gut is telling you to grab something that very second, it’s best to take your phone out (or open a new tab) and do a bit of research on the item before you buy it. Check for markings, tags, signatures- or even do a Google Image Search if you can. You’d be surprised at how often you can find “ a diamond in the rough” with bargain items on VarageSale or in thrift shops- more often than not, people don’t know the value of the stuff they’re selling which can work to your advantage.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

For a reseller, knowing how to flip or spruce up used items is of the essence. Often times, people are willing to part with a valuable item just because they think it can’t be repaired or cleaned, but in a lot of cases, that’s far from the truth. The trick is looking past the layer of dust on an old figurine or scuff marks on vintage leather boots and seeing the state the item can be brought back to with some TLC. Of course, you’ll need to be realistic here- not everything can be fixed, so know your limits.

Presentation is everything

A lot of people overlook the importance of photos when they are selling stuff online– and it’s a big mistake. When it comes to online selling, a picture actually does speak a thousand words, so if you want to improve your chances of turning a profit, be sure to put in a little effort into your photos. You don’t have to have a fancy camera or an expensive setup- your phone will do, as long as you have good lighting and a clear background. 

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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