Where’s the best place in the GTA to sell a hammer? The answer may surprise you.

VarageSale’s first-ever data report is in! As we gear up to the spring cleaning season, we took a moment to reflect on what our user behavior has looked like over the past year.

The secondhand market is growing. In an ongoing effort to sustain affordable costs of living, we know that more and more Canadian families are buying and selling reused goods. The data shows that successful VarageSale sales lead to buyer loyalty, with a significant percentage of buyers and sellers transacting in multiples. But what does all that mean exactly? What are people buying? What are they selling? It turns out that not every community is interested in the same stuff.

What’s trending?

So, what are the trendy items? A GTA-focused infographic puts a spotlight on which products are most popular within various communities. 

Here are some key findings:

Furniture is a hot commodity in Ajax and Pickering, whereas Milton’s population is more interested in outdoor play sets. The tools category was a bestseller in Richmond Hill (making it the best community to sell a screwdriver in) and the Brampton area was keen to buy baby items of every kind!

Scarborough proved to be the most glamorous region—their favourite category was cosmetics, with 4,000 makeup items sold in 2016. Organizational items and storage were big sellers in Mississauga and Etobicoke saw a lot of activity in the video games and consoles category.

The fastest-selling category in the whole GTA? That would be jewelry (rings, specifically) in Burlington.

Part of a secondhand shift

Overall, the report points to a widening cultural shift in consumer habits, moving away from disposable, retail-focused modes towards an increased appreciation for good value. In addition to exploring the most popular item categories, the report also looks at topics such as average spending vs. average earning, and gender-focused observations. (For example, it really pays to be a seller in Vaughan, with average earnings of $173 per person!)

Read the report

Dig into the data and read the rest of the findings here.
The Pre Loved Shopping Data Report | VarageSale

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