Winter is over and spring is in the air! That means one thing—it’s time to freshen things up and get rid of everyday household clutter. Decluttering is a crucial part of any spring cleaning ritual and while this chore can be a snooze, it becomes less so when you filter it through the lens of one of TV’s most popular shows—Game of Thrones.

Seasonal changes are an important part of the Game Of Thrones universe and Westeros is a place where sentimental attachment only lands people in hot water. In our quest for inspiration on what to get rid of this spring, here’s what we found.

Spoilers abound. Be careful if you haven’t seen the show!

1. Duplicate Items

Have you ever looked in your closet and realized that you have three green sweaters that are nearly identical? Or opened a kitchen drawer and noticed that you’ve somehow acquired four different can openers? Do you really need four can openers? FOUR?

Take stock of all the extras in your house that just taking up space. You know Jon Snow’s black feathery cape? He wears that thing all the time. Do you think he has 10 of them? No way. Cutting down on surplus items will also motivate you to take good care of the things you really love.

2. Anything you aren’t currently using

It’s easy to imagine a future where you blend yourself a freshly-squeezed smoothie every morning and perch on a yoga ball working on your abs. Based on this belief, you purchase a blender and a yoga ball, only to stumble across them collecting dust a few months later.

In Season 5, Arya Stark discarded her old clothes and silver in order to shed her Stark identity. But you don’t need to be serving the Many-Faced God to throw out the things that aren’t connected to who are you are now. Give up anything you haven’t used in the past year. Allow yourself to keep one or two special items that are particularly meaningful to you (even Arya holds on to Needle, the sword her brother gave her).

Unlike Arya, you don’t have to toss this stuff into the sea. Find a new home for your stuff by donating it or selling it on VarageSale!

Be choosy about what to keep.

3. Old Greetings Cards, Invitations, and Letters

Most people have a drawer or a nice-looking box dedicated to sentimental pieces of paper, but it’s time to get ruthless about what you keep. I doubt anyone is holding on to their invitation to the Red Wedding. Go through that pile of “nameday” cards and celebrations passed, be choosy about the special pieces that really matter to you, and purge the rest like you’re wildfire blazing through the Sept.

4. Abandoned or Forgotten Items

Maybe a houseguest left something behind, an old roommate never picked up a box of their things, or you have stuff left behind by kids who are all grown up and moved into places of their own. No matter whose it is, don’t let other people’s forgotten clutter drag you down—if they aren’t coming back for it, you can’t be expected to hold on to those things forever.

Once you’ve followed up with the original owner and no one has claimed the item, feel free to find a way to repurpose or get rid of it. After unceremoniously beheading Ned Stark, Tywin Lannister melts down the sword Ned left behind and makes it into two new swords. Although we’re not so into the first part, we do admire Tywin’s “waste not want not” attitude. 

5. Anything that’s stained, missing pieces or broken beyond repair

You have to know when it’s time to let go of something and holding on to broken things is not good for anyone. For example, take the Mountain aka. Ser Gregor Clegane. Cersei Lannister refuses to give up her trusty henchman after his literal expiration date (he dies of his wounds after fighting for the Lannisters in a battle) and now this zombified creature just continues to clutter up rooms in the castle.

When you’re trying to decide whether something should be sold, donated or thrown away, put those broken items into the scrap pile. Be realistic about what things are past their prime.

Game Of Thrones won’t be back until the summertime, but let the popular series inspire you to clear out some clutter in the meantime. The results are definitely worth it!

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