Guys, Cupid is coming and he’s bringing some very real gifting pressure along with him. The challenge to find a Valentine’s-appropriate token can be intimidating, but fear not! Whether you need something for a pal, a partner, or a paramour, we’ve got 5 romantic ideas that will sweep people off their feet.

1. Give them a flirty flashback

Find something that plays on a favourite or shared memory. Do they always look back fondly on a World Series game that they went to as a little kid? Look for a jersey or a baseball card from that season. Did you go to Italy on your honeymoon? Find a pasta maker and recreate a romantic meal you shared on that trip. The most thoughtful gifts are personalized, so consider their interests and the times you’ve spent together. There are lots of rare and collectible items to be found on VarageSale, so give it some thought and go treasure hunting!

2. Go traditional

By which we mean, “give her jewelry”. It’s a classic for a reason, but being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t be the Richard Burton to her Elizabeth Taylor. Think priceless, not pricey. In fact, finding a unique piece of jewelry that comes with its own story can make it even more special to the receiver. What could be more romantic than a locket with a loved one’s picture inside? The more details you can gather, the better. If your person is a fan of historical figures and stories from the past, vintage jewelry will be extra charming.

3. Candlelight up their life

Want to set a romantic scene? Then you want candles. They’re the original mood lighting, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re boring. With so many scents and varieties to choose from, a candle can be a personalized way to create a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

BONUS: Everybody looks better/sexier/more romantic by candlelight.

4. Handmade from the heart

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get crafty! Whether you’re making cards with the kids or doing a customized present of your own, handmade gifts are both awesome and easy on the wallet. If you’re having trouble getting those creative juices flowing, look around online for a DIY project that will make your sweetie smile. Even a simple homemade card will add a personal touch that will send them swooning.

5. Don’t give them anything—take away stuff instead! (Ohhh, TWIST.)

If your sweetheart is trying to declutter, why not offer to get rid of their items instead of adding new stuff to the pile? Many people feel like they don’t need a gift for Valentine’s Day and don’t want to get additional things that will take up space and go unused. Helping your love go minimalist can be a great way to shower them with love and attention that shows you truly care. Offer to post their items on VarageSale* and you can use the money you make to go out for a extra-fancy date night!

Whether you want to go full-blown cheesy or take a non-traditional approach, VarageSale can help you find Valentine’s Day presents that will make an impression. (If you aren’t on VarageSale yet, you can sign up here.) Now that you know what to look for, download the free app and get gifting! Good luck.

*Make sure to ask permission BEFORE you post. VarageSale does not condone the unauthorized selling of a loved one’s possessions.
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