Part of the thrill of shopping on VarageSale is never knowing what you’ll discover. Here are 11 wonderfully weird items that we found while treasure-hunting in our Mississauga community.

1. This decorative tree stump that functions as a chair or tabletop.

Tree trump | VarageSale

Snag this deal and your home just became 1000% more woodsy and whimsical, guaranteed.
Price: $7

2. This package deal: 2 copies of a book entitled “Why the Leafs Suck”.

Why the leafs suck | VarageSale
Look, we all know that being a Leafs fan is emotionally gruelling work. Grab this deal and you could start a book club that doubles as a support group.
Price: $25

3. This medieval knight liquor dispenser that opens up to serve drinks.

Liquor dispenser | VarageSale
Perfect for a pre-party before you hit the Renaissance fair.
Price: $145

4. This adorable tiny t-shirt for your “Top Model” dog.

Top model dog t-shirt | VarageSale
Appropriate attire for the Instagram-famous canine.
Price: $3

5. This unconventional wedding cake topper that expresses your love (and deep-seated fears).

Cake topper | VarageSale
Laugh in the face of lifelong commitments.
Price: $30

6. This black and gold spiked bra that will make you feel like Lady Gaga and Xena Warrior Princess combined.

Spiked bra | VarageSale

Just be careful wearing it under any delicate fabrics.
Price: $15

7. These prank gift boxes that will entertain the giver and the receiver.

Prank gift boxes | VarageSale
Fool your friends and make it look like you bought a hamster cage feeder for the baby. (The real gift goes inside.)
Price: $10

8. This vintage cane that doubles as a flask.

Vintage cane | VarageSale
So dapper. So sneaky. We love it.
Price: $75

8. This cozy picnic basket/tea set for two.

Picnic tea set | VarageSale
Tea parties? Cute. Picnics? Cute. Put them together and it’s so cute we almost can’t take it.
Price: $60

9. These plants that have been caged so they will never run away.

Plants in a cage | VarageSale
You can’t be too careful with some of these succulents.
Price: $30

10. This wild-haired ceramic troll who isn’t terrifying at all.

Troll | VarageSale
I mean, he’s kinda cute, but in a way that can’t be trusted.
Price: Make an offer (Your soul, probably.)

11. This beautiful custom-made antler chandelier.

Antler chandelier | VarageSale
Made from antlers collected over years of walking in the woods (we love that no animals were harmed in making this light fixture).
Price: $1500 (But also priceless.)

Interested in grabbing these one-of-a-kind finds? Join VarageSale’s Mississauga community ASAP to shop these unique items and find treasures of your own.

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