location | VarageSale Sarnia, ON, CA
community launch | VarageSale Community Launch: May 2014
community members | VarageSale Active members: 22253
  1. What’s your daily admin routine?
    bellI check for new members requesting to join, post any graphics pertaining to updates and new features, answer questions and concerns, countless times throughout the day. I greet others and hand out business cards in my travels. Basically, I listen for notifications. Sometimes, I have bells going off all day long. At other times I like to study policy, reiterate what we hear from members, and provide input for future features. I especially like our Town Hall meetings for VarageSale administrators.
  2. If you had an admin superpower, what would it be?
    If I had an admin superpower, it would be to convey how important it is that every member’s location be accurate. When it isn’t accurate, they are really doing themselves a disservice. So many people lose sales because sellers set their location to one place where they think there will be more customers, but then they lose a new customer in their own backyard. If your location is accurate, you also get the proper notifications when new communities open up. If your location is wrong, you could actually miss those buyers who would travel to you by posting the wrong location.
  3. What’s your favourite VarageSale feature and why?
    My favourite feature is My Transactions. When items are Reserved, members can tell at a glance which items they are picking up, from whom, and for how much. This cuts down on no-shows and the potential for any confusion about the price. In one tap, all the items for a buyer can be marked as Sold. It is quick, easy, and an essential feature that I wouldn’t want to do without.
  4. What’s the best item you’ve found on VarageSale?
    I recently found a brand-new, beautiful arbour for the garden that was still in the box. I can hardly wait to get some morning glories or roses growing on there.
  5. What is the most interesting item you’ve seen for sale?
    Kramer - Seinfeld | VarageSaleI run a couple of Pinterest boards for our community. One is the regular Sarnia community board with items that have been posted in the Sarnia community. The other is called, “Awesome, Unusual, and Unique Finds on VarageSale Sarnia-Lambton.” Some of the things I’ve found include a dry insulated jewelry safe, a cement golfer fountain for the garden, and a cast iron display easel. My all-time favourite is a large portrait of “Kramer” from the classic sitcom comedy “Seinfeld.” It can’t help but put a smile on your face every time you look at the post.
  6. What is your favourite part about being involved with your VarageSale community?
    My motivation is knowing that you are helping to provide a public service. It is the “go-to” site for Sarnia-Lambton and has 23,000 active members and 83,000 items. I built this community from scratch with the help of VarageSale and an admin team that is second to none. I will never forget the mother who couldn’t afford the clothing that her daughter wanted for Christmas. Thanks to our online community, she found the items she was looking for at a price she could afford. Her daughter was overwhelmed at Christmas. It truly is a community. I’ve connected with so many great people and have formed wonderful friendships through VarageSale.
  7. What’s your favourite food?
    watermelonMy favourite food is watermelon. I eat it all year long! I buy pre-cut watermelon in a cup from the local market. It’s so handy when you’re in a hurry and healthier than going to a drive-thru.
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