The holidays are always a little bit chaotic, especially for parents. Whether you’re flying cross-country, driving to the pumpkin farm, or shopping for gifts, keep these tips in mind to help your and your little one stay safe and happy during the holiday season.

  1. Avoid sharing germs

One of the reasons the holidays are so exciting is that you get to see family members who aren’t usually around. In addition to spreading love and joy, hugs and kisses can also spread germs! It’s totally fine to embrace your loved ones and spend time with your family; just make sure everyone washes their hands and covers their mouths if they’re coughing or sneezing.

  1. Watch out for allergies

A little sniffling and sneezing is to be expected during the winter months, but it’s not always due to a cold. Seasonal allergies are often worse in the fall and winter, and the symptoms can look similar to those of a cold. Allergies such as food, dust, pets, mold are more likely to flare up if you’re traveling during the holidays. To stay prepared, pack some allergy medication in your suitcase, just in case you visit a home with pet dander or dust. If your child has food allergies, keep your eyes peeled on the menu and alert your hosts to any problematic ingredients in the delicious food they’ll be serving at the dinner table.

  1. Travel safely

There’s nothing quite like trying to get out of town the day before Thanksgiving. If you’re driving, make sure everyone stays buckled up and that the driver can keep total focus on the road. If you have a car seat or a booster seat, check that it’s properly installed and that your child is sitting correctly in it. Your local fire station will likely be able to check the installation for you. For families who are driving long distances, don’t forget to take breaks so your drivers can stay alert!

  1. Try not to stress

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be taxing enough on its own, but having to accommodate guests, visit with family, cook food, and spend money adds to that stress. Planning ahead can help ease that anxiety. Make a budget, and not just for money. Budget out how much time you have, how much food you’re going to make, how many guests you’re willing to have, and how many presents you’re planning to buy. Even if you don’t stick to it 100%, it will give you and your family some guidelines to work from.

  1. Share memories securely

Many beloved childhood memories are formed around the holidays, and it’s only natural to want to document the festivities. However, some parents prefer not to post pictures of their children publicly on social media. This holiday season, if you’d like to share memories, photos, and videos safely and securely, try out Ovia Parenting.

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