To get people to buy what you’re selling, you need to spread the word.

Looking for new ways to take your sales on VarageSale up a notch? Or are you needing to move some stale items so you can list some freshly sourced finds?

If you’re serious about selling on the side, it may be time to try advertising yourself and sharing your VarageSale Store. A small sprinkle of marketing magic can go a long way! Luckily for sellers, we’re sharing a few tricks of the trade that will get buyers beating down a path to your door. 

As we’ve previously discussed, My Store offers a public view of all the items you have listed on VarageSale. Using the My Store feature allows you to reach more potential buyers, even outside of your VarageSale community.

Another fantastic feature of My Store is your unique store URL (i.e., which gives you a permanent home on the web for all your listed items. This personal URL makes advertising your virtual store quick and easy, as you can drive potential buyers to this handy home that shows off all your soon-to-be-sold treasures.

So, if you’re ready to get yourself out there, try promoting yourself and your VarageSale Store in a few of these places to boost your sales.

Share on social media

Don’t be shy: Share your sales with all your networks! That means getting yourself out there by promoting your items and your store on a variety of social platforms.

Publish your unique store link on your preferred social media, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or elsewhere. Tantalize your followers with great snaps and descriptions of your treasures, then send them right to the doorstep of your virtual store using your URL.

Another idea: Try snapping shots of newly listed items for sale to post on your Instagram feed and link to your store in your profile.

Swap at mom gatherings

As parents, we’re all busy with a variety of meetings and must-attend events. But the good news is that many family-friendly events are great opportunities to spread the word about your VarageSale Store.

To share the news about your virtual store, order some simple business cards or flyers for yourself. (You can print them off at the local printers with our handy-dandy printable files, found at the bottom of this post.) Ensure that your My Store URL is printed clearly, and distribute them to fellow parents, bargain hunters and frugalistas looking to stretch their dollars further.

So, whether it be an upcoming PTA meeting at your child’s school, an Avon sales party, a community clothing swap, or even at your book club meeting, take a few moments to share some info about your sales and pass out a few business cards.

Spread the word at swap meets

Local swap meets and group swaps are perfect places to advertise your store. You’ll be in the presence of dozens of potential like-minded sellers and interested buyers, so leverage this opportunity to help create future sales.

Remember those printable business cards and flyers that you can find below? Use a hole punch and some twine to attach your information to every item you take to your local swap group. Then anyone who takes home your treasure will easily remember your contact info and can visit your store.

Have any other suggestions on how to spread the word about your VarageSale store? Share your pointers in the comments below. 

Take this file to any printer to create your own VarageSale swag, such as stickers and t-shirts.
Copy your My Store link into this easy-to-print flyer.


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