While strolling the aisles of your local department store, you’ve likely noticed how far in advance they stock their inventory. It often feels like we see Christmas lights and stockings in July — and somehow these early sales work for retailers.

But for those of us who sell new and gently used items on VarageSale, we need to follow a slightly different methodology in order to sell continuously throughout the year. In actuality, any season is ripe for selling on VarageSale. We chatted with a few seasoned VarageSale sellers who had plenty of knowledge to pass on to selling novices. Arm yourself with a few tips and tricks from the experts, and get started with your listings today!

Plan ahead with a calendar

Many of our top sellers tout the benefits of adding a pinch of organization to a hearty serving of foresight — which is where a calendar can work as a useful tool to boost your sales all year round.

Take a look at your calendar (grab your favorite paper version or a simple Google Calendar will do). Start with the major annual holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, Halloween, Easter, and any others throughout the year. But don’t stop there. Consider seasonal shopping trends — think back-to-school in July and August, prom, wedding season, winter vacations, spring cleaning and so forth.

Pay special attention to seasons where you can capitalize on gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, housewarmings, end-of-year teacher gifts, and graduations. When writing your description, specifically mention which person or occasion the item would make a good gift for. By highlighting the potential of your items and connecting the dots for your buyers, you can sell them the ready-made gifting solution they’re looking for.

From there, sort your items based on these holidays and seasonal milestones. For extra organizational brownie points, put items in specific boxes or garbage bags and label them with the right holiday so things won’t get mixed up in storage.

Sell based on the current season

While many retail outlets sell seasonal goods months in advance of the actual holiday, VarageSale buyers prefer to purchase items they need right now. That means sellers must be conscious of the current season and post appropriately. In the wise words of one Superseller, “no one wants to buy a space heater in June.”

So, when you’re creating listings or sorting items for an upcoming group swap, ensure you’re selling items that are top of mind for buyers. That means listing snow boots and heavy coats in late autumn and early winter; barbecues and grilling accessories in the late spring; or sandals and shorts in summer.

Look through your inventory and see if any of your existing items can be promoted with a fresh seasonal spin. Those storage shelves you posted months ago might be perfect for someone who’s just finished spring cleaning their garage, or that sparkly red evening gown could be just right for someone who’s going to a fancy New Year’s Eve party.

Also, make sure you note any special features or relevant keywords in item titles and descriptions. Think like a buyer and stock items in categories that see increased traffic during certain seasons. Add your items to these hot seasonal item categories — for example, Home > Outdoors for patio decor and gear for summer entertaining, or Sports & Fitness > Hockey for winter sports equipment.

Consider sales on out-of-season items

While it’s recommended that sellers hold their items for the most appropriate season, sometimes it’s necessary to clear out your inventory. Whether you’re eager to earn a little extra cash or you’re simply ready to clear the clutter from your home, you’re more likely to move stale items when you host a sale. Mark down the prices on out-of-season items so they’re difficult for even casual browsers to pass up.

You can also try unloading much of your inventory during the holiday season. More members are looking to stretch their dollars in the lead up to the holidays, so you can potentially sell items that may not normally catch a buyer’s eye in the colder months. So, if you have a stash of boogie boards and beach gear, they still could sell in December — for the right price.

The bottom line

While your sales may naturally ebb and flow throughout the year, try a few of the aforementioned tips to plan, sort, and sell successfully in any season.


Do you have any other tips to ensure your items sell in every season? Share your advice in the comments sections below.


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