Whether you loathe shopping or love it, chances are you’ve told yourself one of these half-truths… and it’s costing you big bucks! Which one sounds most like you?

1. “I will totally use this    (insert item you’ve never touched here)   .”

That food dehydrator your favorite celebrity posted about on Facebook—the one that you just had to have? It falls into this category. Sure, in the moment you saw yourself spending hours in the kitchen, slicing fresh fruit and vegetables for those healthy chips you were going to make for the kids. But now, it’s just gathering dust. Try not to feel too bad every time you pass this still-in-the-box item in your garage. We’ve all done it.

2. “This will totally revolutionize my life!” 

5 lies you tell yourself while shoppingWe usually tell ourselves this lie while watching an informercial in the middle of the night. Steam mop, anyone? How about a knife that slices tomatoes and, er, bricks with the flick of a wrist? Sadly, once the package arrives, the high of whatever “must-have” item that woke you out of your sleepy daze has usually worn, and you’re left wondering: “What’s the return policy on this thing?”

3. “If one is good, ten must be better.”

5 lies you tell yourself while shoppingSometimes buying in bulk can be a real time saver. Other times, it can leave you with 80 organic granola bars that nobody in your house ever liked. Think about diapers. You get overly excited over a great deal and then—BAM—your sweet little baby has a growth spurt and you’re left with 300 diapers that only cover one butt cheek.

4. “I’ll fit into this one day.”5 lies you tell yourself while shopping

If you’ve ever bought a dress a couple sizes too small because it was ridiculously cute AND on sale, you fall into this category. Who says clothes have to be worn, right? Sometimes it’s just fun to pull the too-tiny item out of the closet and just stare at it for a few minutes. Super, super fun! 😉

5. “This will actually save me money!” 

The purchase that magically puts money back into your pocket might be the biggest lie of them all. Home car detailing kits that remain unused. Sewing machines that still have their protective seal on them. Cloth diapers that you use once and then abandon for their disposable alternatives. Being idealistic is a beautiful thing, except when it starts to affect your credit card bill.

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining to all of these shopping blunders! If you don’t want that homemade yogurt maker to go to waste, there’s probably someone out there who actually does want to make it themselves. List that item on a site like VarageSale and earn back some of the cash you lost! Say goodbye to ghosts of purchases past and hello to some extra spending money.

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