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After many years of renting an apartment from a landlord whose sports car collection had grown as quickly as our rent had gone up, we knew it was time to buy our first house. And after months of searching high and low, we finally found a beautiful little place to call our own.

Moving out of our apartment would mean saying goodbye to the weird food smells in the hallways, the neighbor above us with a strong affinity for high heels and Sarah McLachlan, and the mismatched, haphazard “decorations” that we put up without much thought or care… since we had initially planned to rent for two to three years, max. HA!

It was about eight years later, as I began to pack up our place in anticipation of our upcoming move, that I realized: Most of our decorations were absolute junk. And I’m not talking about diamonds in the rough, found treasures or antiques. I’m talking about free posters from teachers conferences, hand-me-down laminated prints and family castaways.

It was around this time that the panic started to set in: We were moving from a two-bedroom apartment to a three-story house with MANY empty walls to fill. And we had no paintings or artwork even remotely worthy of being displayed. (Since we had put all of our savings towards the downpayment and closing costs, we were left with a very limited budget for fun stuff like home decor.)

Once we moved in to our new house, my husband nagged at me: “When are you going to get some stuff for the walls?” I didn’t know where to start or what to look for until a fortuitous breakfast with a friend a few days after we moved in.

“You should check out VarageSale,” she said ever-so-casually when I shared my little conundrum over poached eggs and toast. I’d never heard of VarageSale and was very intrigued. I liked the idea of buying inexpensive pieces from people in my community and avoiding the hassle and expense of driving all over town as is required on other websites.

So after breakfast, I signed up immediately. I started by posting some items I wanted to get rid of that very morning (old hair straightener, anyone?) and then allowed myself to use my earnings to collect pieces of art that would mirror the beauty of our new house.

VarageSale finds

A half a year later, and the blank walls are filling up, making our new HOUSE feel more and more like a warm and inviting HOME.

Thank you, VarageSale! I can’t wait to snag my next great deal…

How VarageSale Turned My House Into a Home

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