In this journey called motherhood, there are so many topics that divide us: breastfeeding, babysitters, vaccines, and even where to get the best deals. But there are also so many things that bring us together. Yup, despite our differences, we’ve got one big thing in common. We’re all moms!

Presenting: You Know You’re A Mom When…

1-blackThe bottom of your purse looks like a cross between a thrift store and a trash can.

2-blackYou wish EVERY store had a drive-through—and we mean EVERY store—from the supermarket to the optometrist.

3-blackIn the past 24 hours, someone has used your pants, dress, skirt, or shirt as a paper towel. You know you're a mom when...

4-blackYour nickname could be Pinocchio with all those elaborate lies you tell to get your children to obey you.

5-blackYou’ve tried to catch your child’s vomit. More than once.

6-blackYou hear the phrase “Do one thing every day that scares you” and you immediately think of taking your child down the cereal aisle.

7-blackYou’ve considered burning all those mismatched socks. Enough said.

8-blackYou almost know the Nick Jr. schedule off by heart. You know you're a mom when...

9-blackYour daydreams switch from being rich, famous, and beautiful to simply getting more sleep.

10-black And finally, you know you’re a mom if you love a little person more than you ever thought possible.

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