Christmas is all about joy, cheer, and generosity: having everyone together for a feast and bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones with gifts is what makes this the most special time of the year. For most, this also means spending crazy amounts of money on everything from presents to party decor and food, but Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive to be jolly. In addition to this being devastating for your budget, overspending and overbuying during Christmas is also devastating for the planet. Making things more meaningful and slowing down during the holidays will be beneficial both for your mind and soul and the environment.

If you’re unsure of how to do green Christmas on a budget without ruining the holiday mood for everyone, you’re in luck. Check out these tips on how to simplify Christmas and save money while doing it- but still keep the festive spirit your family is used to.

Recycled gift wraps


You’d be surprised what old newspaper or kraft paper can look like with a bit of sprucing. Pretty bows, twine, holly or fir branch, vintage buttons, handwritten note… All of these and much more can transform recycled wrapping from drab to fab: and give it a personal touch, too.

DIY Christmas decor

Find inspiration in hygge or rustic decor and make your own decorations for Christmas. All it takes is a bit of scouring through Pinterest for inspiration and a walk outdoors where you could gather some of the bits and bobs such as pretty branches, pinecones, twigs, and the like. Add yarn scraps or twine and arm yourself with a glue gun and you’ll have everything looking festive in no time. 


Gift second hand toys

There’s no need to spend big on toys your kid will forget all about two weeks after Christmas. After all, your kid won’t know the difference, especially if they are still young. There are plenty of unwanted toys that are almost brand new being sold on VarageSale- many have just been taken out of their box, if that. In case you have some nicely stocked thrift shops in your area, they are also worth checking out for slightly used toys you could put under the tree. Alternatively, you could pass on an heirloom if your kid is a bit older and could appreciate the sentiment.

Cook with a plan

2.jpgOK, OK, it’s hard to picture Christmas without a mountain of food on the table. But that doesn’t mean that it has to go to waste! When you start planning what you’ll cook for Christmas dinner, make sure to figure out what you’ll do with the leftovers in advance. List what can be frozen for later use and what you’ll have to feast on in the following days after Christmas, avoiding the possibility of wasting money with food that’s going to waste.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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