There’s nothing that will get you in the mood for some change faster than New Year’s. As January starts, a lot of us feel the need to turn over a new leaf. In most cases, this includes re-organizing spaces we spend time in, like home offices or kitchens, and decluttering our homes in general. Unfortunately, the resolve and effort needed to make a change often feel overwhelming, and the majority of people give up on their New Year’s re-organization pledge by February. How do you make sure you’re not among them?

Check out our three fantastic tips for reorganization that will help you get rid of clutter in your home. Nothing says ‘clean start’ like saying goodbye to stuff you don’t need in your life, so enter 2019 the best way possible!

#1 Start With Your Wardrobe

What better place to start than finally tossing out those too-tight jeans and fugly sweater your mother in law gave you last Christmas? There’s something particularly liberating about reorganizing your wardrobe: you get rid of things that don’t fit or feel good anymore and make more room for pieces you actually want to wear. To boot, there is a plethora of decluttering resources out there for the overwhelmed fashionista. From capsule wardrobe system to nuggets of wisdom from minimalists like Marie Kondo, you’re bound to refresh your style in no time.

#2 Declutter Your Way to Profit

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean you’re just tossing tons of stuff away. After all, not only that’s not eco-friendly, but you’ve also spent a lot of money on them, so it’d be a shame if it all goes to waste. A good portion of your clutter can be someone else’s’ treasure, so consider donating some of your things to Goodwill or other local charity. Of course, if the stuff you want to get rid off is not Goodwill-material, you can always use VarageSale. It’s ideal for selling things you can’t or don’t want to donate to a charity. You can make a pretty penny on stuff that would otherwise be sitting in the attic for years! Bonus tip: an online marketplace is a great spot for selling those unwanted Christmas gifts.

#3 Take the Time You Need

By setting unrealistic deadlines just because everybody else is doing it, you’re setting up yourself for failure. Sure, it would be awesome if you could manage to achieve all your re-organizational goals right away in January, but it doesn’t mean you should quit if you don’t. Don’t force yourself to do everything at once: instead, do different decluttering tasks each month. For instance, January can be all about cleaning out clutter out of your kitchen, February can be about organizing your wardrobe, and March can be all about that spring cleaning! Mix and match and set everything so it suits your abilities and goals. The most important thing- you do you.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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