Another new year, another list of virtually impossible resolutions to keep! We know it can be discouraging to start the year off with a bunch of unattainable to dos on your list. But what if we told you that your love of buying and selling might be the answer to keeping your resolutions in 2015? That’s right, what your husband calls an addiction, we call the answer to your New Year woes.

Find your New Year’s resolutions below and, with the help of your buy and sell group, see how easy they’ll be to keep. (Not part of a buy and sell group? Join VarageSale today!)

This year, I resolve to…

1. …keep the house tidy.

Keeping the house under control is truly as simple as going through all the piles and getting rid of all the things you don’t need. That’s right, we’re talking about decluttering! It can be a challenge to get started, but when you think about all the extra cash you can make selling your stuff online, that might just be the motivation you need to get to work.

2. …live within a certain budget.

As a member of a buy and sell group, you’re already one step ahead of the game! Not only can you make money off all those items you realized you didn’t need while tidying (see No. 1), you can buy your necessities (and fun stuff for the kids!) at a fraction of the retail price. Keeping your New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be painful.

3. …lose a few pounds.

After all that holiday feasting, we could all lose a few! While it can be tough to change your eating habits or motivate yourself to get to the gym, it can be a lot easier when you find a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment online for a steal. Imagine spending a few hundred dollars on a name brand elliptical that typically sells for thousands. There’s no excuse not to get moving!

4. …give back to my community.

If you’ve resolved to do a good deed this year, look no further than your local buy and sell group. Many group admins actively organize fundraising events, help connect families with lost pets, or are on the lookout for items they can donate to families in need. Read through your group’s discussion boards to find which charitable act is closest to your heart. And then reach out!

5. …be more social.

If you’re tired of spending so much time in the house, consider forming friendships with the people you’ve met in your buy and sell group. If your group admin likes to organize swap soirees, make a habit of attending! If that new mom is dropping by your house to pick up some more baby clothes your little one grew out of, why not invite her in for a cup of tea? Don’t be afraid to initiate a get together. Some lifelong friendships have been forged on sites like VarageSale.

See? Easy peasy. Don’t start the New Year off on the wrong foot. Think about how your buy and sell group can help you keep your resolution, then get to it! Once you’ve accomplished your goal, you’ll feel like a thousand bucks, and—depending on your resolution—you may have saved (or made) a thousand bucks too!


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