For buy and sell newcomers, picking up the lingo can feel like learning a whole new language. How to make sense of that secret code? With our handy dandy glossary of course! We covered many common buy and sell terms in parts one and two of this series, but we thought it was high time for another installment.

1) LOOP – Listed On Other Pages

We’ve seen this one come in many different forms, including POOS (posted on other sites), POMS (posted on multiple sites), XP (cross posted) and LEW (listed elsewhere), but the meaning is more or less the same. This abbreviation is used when the seller has posted their item in multiple places to increase the chance of selling it quickly. Much like posting items in multiple places at once, it can be hard to keep track of all the acronyms that are used to communicate this!

2) BU – Bought Used

For top sellers, item sourcing extends well beyond their own homes. Members who go thrifting or “garage saling” and turn that into VarageSaling will use this abbreviation to let you know that the item was already used when they purchased it. This will often be accompanied by information about where the seller got the item and how long it was used for, but it’s used in the interest of full disclosure.  


3) BNWT – Brand New With Tags

On the opposite end of the spectrum, BNWT means you’ve hit the gently used jackpot. Items with the tags still on them are so new, they’re practically fresh from the store shelf. Snap this item up while it’s still posted, because the odds are that a deal like this won’t be around for long.

4) OOAK- One Of A Kind

If you see this acronym, you’ve stumbled across a true original! Often used for handmade items and artwork, OOAK is not always as simple as it seems. Although it can sometimes mean that this item is the only one of its kind in existence and has not been recreated in any form, OOAK is also used for rare items or anything that isn’t mass produced. If your heart is set on getting something totally unique, be sure to ask questions and get a little more information about what your seller means when they use this term.

5) PN – Price Negotiable  

Interested in an item, but not sure you’re willing to pay the listed price? If you see PN, you might be in luck. Although price negotiations are common in the buy and sell world, PN is a clear signal that the listed price is just a starting point. Let the bargaining begin!

6) COA – Certificate Of Authenticity

If you’re buying collectibles or autographs on VarageSale, this is one acronym you’ll want to look for. For sports jerseys, artwork and autographs, a certificate of authenticity is basically your guarantee that the item you’re buying is the real deal. If you happen to buy a Van Gogh or a Yankees jersey worn by Derek Jeter on VarageSale, double check and make sure that it comes with a COA.

7) FTPU – First To Pick Up

For the seller who uses FTPU, time is of the essence. They’re looking for someone to get this item off their hands and out the door. Sometimes used when a seller is posting an item for free, this acronym means priority goes to any buyer who is willing to do a pickup ASAP (another trusty acronym!).


8) TTS – True To Size

Take this acronym with a grain of salt. Medium is generally considered to be size 8-10, but that’s not true for every brand and manufacturer. TTS is used in an effort to let you know how the item might fit according to typical sizing charts, but as every woman knows, this isn’t always a strong indication of how it will fit a particular individual. People are not mannequins, and sizing charts are not always accurate. Feel free to ask follow-up questions if you aren’t familiar with the brand or the fit.

9) HTF – Hard To Find

Not to be confused with the bluer version of HTF, this acronym means “hard to find” in the world of buying and selling. A classic salesman technique, HTF is used to make the potential buyer feel like they’re going to miss a unique opportunity if they don’t act now and buy the item immediately. This term is also used when the original manufacturer of an item no longer exists, in cases such as a vintage camera or an out-of-print book.


10) WTB – Want To Buy

This abbreviation can be used in two different scenarios, but it has the same meaning – want to buy! It’s music to a seller’s ears. WTB can be used in a comment by a buyer to say that they want to close the deal, or it can be used in a way that’s similar to “ISO” aka. In Search Of, meaning that the person is looking for an item like this.  

Armed with these definitions, you’ll be talking the talk (and closing the deal) in no time. Click below to sign up for VarageSale!




P.S. Know an abbreviation we missed? Share it in the comments below. 


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