Who knew that diapers were such a hot commodity in the secondhand market? Well, just ask any parent and they’ll tell you how expensive they are. Whether you do disposable or cloth, there’s no avoiding the fact that diapers are a huge expense if you have a little one (or more!) who isn’t quite potty-trained.

Although usage varies from baby to baby, it’s estimated that a newborn will need 10-12 diapers daily for the first 3 months. The average cost per week can be $20 for new diapers, which is upwards of $1000 a year for one child! Many parents buy diapers in bulk for the savings, which means it’s not uncommon to have some left over.

So what do you do with the diapers you aren’t using, and how do you find diapers without paying a premium? Here, we share some ideas on how to get them secondhand and how to sell them so you can make some money back!   

As with any item, you should double check to make sure they’re in good condition before making your purchase. When buying used, follow these tips:

Cloth diapers:

  • Check for fabric wear around the leg openings, the strength of the elastic and condition of snaps and fastenings.
  • Research the brand and dollar value online and read reviews if it’s a brand you aren’t familiar with.
  • Ask the seller what kind of special care is needed for cleaning, such as specific detergents or wash/dry cycles. Check what (if any) liners are used inside the diapers,
  • Wash cloth diapers as directed before using.
  • Cloth diapers typically hold their value, so be reasonable if negotiating on price.

Disposable diapers:

  • Unopened sleeves are best, use your best judgment for opened packs.
  • Use caution with loose diapers outside of packaging. Carefully inspect their condition.
  • Be available to meet the seller, as there will likely be several interested parties and diaper deals get snapped up quickly!

If you have extra diapers at home, remember that clean, well-presented items (in original packaging if possible) sell faster and often bring more cash.  Here are several pricing tips that will help you close sales quickly.

How to price cloth diapers:

  • Price according to brand, condition and size of the lot. People are more likely to buy them if there is a discount for buying in bulk.
  • As a starting point, consider that cloth diapers bring in between $6-$15 each at consignment sales.
  • Factor in the costs of additional items, such as inserts and covers.

How to price disposable diapers:

  • Consider the original cost of the package and the remaining diaper count.
  • As a starting point, if an average box of 80+ diapers cost $30 and you have one unopened sleeve to sell, or half the box, you could price the sleeve between $10-15. (Lower the price for an opened sleeve.)
  • Smaller, opened packages or loose diapers typically sell for less than $10.

Now that you have all the facts, go make some cash with your diaper stash!


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