When you love to cook (or don’t, but do it either way) you know how much the right equipment and tools can make your life easier. From quality pots to gadgets, there are plenty of little things that make a big difference in the way you prepare your food. Unfortunately, all those “little things” add up and can make a big dent in your family’s budget- without any good reason for it. While there are a lot of things you should buy brand new, a good chunk of kitchen items doesn’t fall into that category. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of kitchen tools and gear you can definitely buy used without worrying about safety or poorer performance. 

used kitchen items

If you’re looking to furnish your kitchen on a budget or you’re a fan of a good bargain, here are the 8 essential kitchen items you can and should buy second hand. 

#1 Cast iron pan

We all know that cast iron is indestructible, so if you happen to find a cast iron pan in a thrift shop, make sure to give it a good home- even if it looks a bit worse for the wear. With a bit of scrubbing and soaking it will be as good as new in no time! Just season it and enjoy years of use for a fraction of the price.

#2 Glassware

Fancy a set of vintage wine glasses or some dainty teacups for that afternoon cuppa? No problem, as all well-preserved glassware is fair game when it comes to buying secondhand. Just make sure it’s dishwasher-friendly before making the purchase.

vintage teacups

#3 Quality knives

A good quality knife is always a good investment- but unfortunately, they can be out of your budget at the moment. Scour thrift shops for chef knives or flatware knives- even if they are dull, they can be sharpened to slice like new if they are well made.

#4 Measuring cups

A kitchen staple that doesn’t have to be bought new to serve its purpose- if you are starting your kitchen from scratch or have mismatched cups that are missing sizes, don’t hesitate to buy measuring cups that have been previously used.

#5 Canisters 

From vintage to new, tin to ceramic, there are plenty of canisters that can be bought second hand that still have years of use in them. Whether you’re looking for something to store dry items in your pantry or want a cute set for tea and coffee, you’re bound to find something cheap and unique if you hit the thrift store. 

vintage canisters

#6 Pyrex bowls and bakeware

Some would argue that pyrex bowls and bakeware are even better when bought used, as it gives you the chance to collect all those gorgeous vintage designs. 

#7 Dinnerware

Why overspend on dinnerware sets when there’s a high chance that someone is selling their unwanted dishes for a few bucks? If they’re not chipped or missing pieces, all they’ll need is a bit of soap and water before you can set them on your table.


PS: For some great deals on used kitchen items, you can always check out the impressive selection of bargains on VarageSale or your local Goodwill or charity shop. 

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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