Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘slow fashion’ or ‘sustainable fashion’ being tossed around, often in the form of Instagram hashtags. But what does it all mean? The gist of it is re-thinking your choices as a consumer, in an effort to minimize the pollution and waste that the fashion industry is a leading producer of. At first, the idea sounds too complex and too expensive for the regular person to entertain. But one simple change can make a world of good- and the best part is, it will save you A LOT of money.

Instead of spending big bucks at malls or luxury shop sales on clothes you probably won’t wear after the season ends, try buying the majority of your clothing (in)directly from their previous owners. Yup, buying pre-owned clothes is not only great for your bank account, but it’s also fantastic for the planet earth, as well. While there’s a lot more to the concept of sustainable living and fashion than simply buying used clothes or finding a new purpose for your previously loved items, making this little step can really make a change. So, where do you start? How to get into slow fashion through online used goods marketplaces? Here are our top tips for the newbie green fashion enthusiast!

#1 Shop your closet first

Before you start cruising for yard sales or start contacting VarageSale sellers to meet, shop your own closet first. You’ll be surprised how many items you’ll find that you completely forgot about or that could get a new life with a slight revamp. Then, make a checklist of all the things you need to complete your wardrobe- and start the online (or offline!) hunt for the pre-owned clothes of your dreams.

#2 Mindful buying is the key

When buying second-hand clothes, it’s easy to get carried away. More often than not, pre-owned clothing in great condition can be found at a fraction of a price, so people often buy a lot of things they really don’t need. If you really want to be mindful about your ecological footprint and make sustainable choices, you should make sure to not to hoard clothes you’re not going to wear.

#3 Pay it forward

OK, so you’ve managed to find that perfect cardigan or shoes in that ideal shade of camel you’ve always wanted, all thanks to other people who didn’t share your enthusiasm about those items. Why not make the day better for someone else and make a few bucks while you’re at it? Go through your closet and pick out items that you simply don’t get to wear as much as you’d like or that don’t go with your style anymore. You never know- that blue leather bag that clashes with your outfits might just be a dream come true for another eco-friendly fashionista.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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