If you’re looking for a fun, cheap gift you can make by yourself this Father’s day, you’re in luck. This dad joke card is a perfect project to do with your kids, and it’s sure to bring a smile to any father’s face- after all, it’s not called dad humor for nothing!

You probably already have everything you need to put together this DIY Father’s Day card, but in case you don’t- you’ll find everything you need to make it in your local dollar store.

What You’ll Need


a piece of cardboard or thick paper

a smooth stone or a large pebble

Sharpie marker or any other permanent marker

super glue


1. If you’re doing this project with your children, make sure they don’t take on any part of the project that’s not safe for their age. You might need scissors to cut the cardboard, and super glue is used to glue the pebble to the card- this might not be appropriate for kids under five years of age.

2. Choose a sturdy piece of cardboard paper for the card; it should be stiff enough to hold the pebble.

3. Use a Sharpie to write the message or print out the text if your child still doesn’t know how to write.

4. Draw a smiley face (with a mustache if applicable) on the pebble’s surface and glue it to the card.

5. If you want to make something a bit fancier than just a card, you can frame it- it’s bound to be a cherished piece of wall art in the dad’s home office or man shed.

Bonus idea– for a Father’s day gift on a quick notice, make a goodie dad bag– mix the pop’s fav products (beer, sweets, wine– the choice is yours) with a witty handmade card and your gift will definitely be appreciated.

Posted by:Angela Vuckovic

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