Meet VarageSale Super Member, Amanda. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Amanda has mastered the art of VarageSaling, and she’s willing to spill the beans on how she’s turned it into a money-making venture.

  1. Why did you join the VarageSale community?

I joined VarageSale when I was on mat leave with my son in the middle of 2016. I had tried other buy and sell sites and felt like giving this one a chance as I had heard great things about it.  The outcome was beyond my expectation and in a very short time I was selling and buying and interacting with people in my community. My main reason for joining was to sell off some items in our house that were in great condition but no longer needed. Being on mat leave with a baby and having a child in Kindergarten you can imagine the amount of items we have collected over the years, so selling on VS not only helped us declutter but added some extra cash in our pockets.

  1. In your experience, what makes VarageSale different from other buying/selling apps?

VS is not comparable to any other site in that it’s extremely user friendly, you can track your transactions with buyers and there are a number of categories that allow you to search smoothly and efficiently. The fact that members have to be approved and vetted is very reassuring as a seller. I love the option to be able to praise a member when a transaction is complete. This not only makes you feel great about the sale but it allows other members to see what type of seller you are dealing with or buyer when they are coming to you.

  1. What was the first thing you bought or sold on VS?

The very first thing I sold on VarageSale was the left over supplies from my daughter’s first birthday. They were all new left over items that were themed and likely never to be used by us again so I thought why not, let’s see if someone else would like to buy them at a great discount. They sold for $11. That was the start of something great… it was a cool feeling to get rid of unwanted items and receiving cash in hand.

The first item I purchased from VS was a pair of shoes for my daughter. She needed a new pair of shoes for school so my first thought was to search the category in her size and sure enough i found a pair that would work perfect from a seller right in my community. It was a smooth and easy transaction and one heck of a deal. We all know how fast kids can grow out of things so this purchase was a win-win-win for myself, my daughter and the seller.

  1. How does VarageSale help stretch your family budget?

At first it was slow going but once I started seeing the potential in all the things that could be sold on this site the sky was the limit. Our family started seeing hundreds of dollars of additional cash income coming in allowing us to be able to do more things together. In fact the first year I started selling on VS I decided to save every single transaction amount in a jar… it quickly added up to enough money to fund our trip to Florida in October 2016. Not only was that trip memorable as we got to visit family and take our kids to Disney World for the day, we had no stress as all the expenses were paid using the money we earned selling off our unwanted items.

  1. What’s your favourite VarageSale story or experience you’ve had?

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with VarageSale, with almost 500 praises and double the sales I’ve met and interacted with so many amazing people. One that stands out the most is a buyer that came to porch pick up an item from me and left me a hand written note to say thank you. She took the time to acknowledge our conversations and show her appreciation for the item she was buying even before seeing it. Her kindness went a long way and encouraged me to do the same to others when conducting transactions. I now provide a personalized envelope for buyer’s convenience; it not only keeps things organized but makes the buyer feel special when their items are being handed over in a professional and courteous manner.

  1. What tip(s) would you pass along for those looking for even more VarageSale success (either as buyers or as sellers)?

Something I see often that always makes me want to reach out to a fellow member is a blurry picture or lack of descriptions. Take a clear picture of your item, as many pictures that VS allows you to post. Be very precise on your description including measurements and any details regarding the item being sold. Full disclosure of anything not working or small damages helps to make for an easier and faster sale as well.  This would be my biggest advice to someone that wants to increase their sales on the site.

Another tip would be to respond as quickly as possible. You will keep the interested buyers attention if you respond quickly and try and set up the details for the transaction.

  1. Anything else you’d like to add 🙂

My overall experience as a buyer and seller on VarageSale has been so wonderful. My interactions with people have made me feel more inclusive in my community and surrounding areas. I’ve met people that have forever left impressions on me and in turn purchased some really amazing items. To my family and friends I’m the VS Queen, they come to me in search of items or to help assist them in selling something. In fact as I’m typing this i got a message from my brother asking if I’ve seen a basketball net for sale in my searches. The joys of having a site like this to easily search through makes spending hard earned cash that much more exciting. With all that said, I’m off to hunt for a basketball net for my brother’s new place… wish me luck!

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