If you’re like us, getting dressed in the summer revolves primarily around comfort and convenience. But who says you can’t be stylish AND comfortable AND score great bargains? These summer fashion trends let you have it all!

1. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

This trend is a simple and very wearable way to capture the easy-breezy vibe of summer. All you have to do is throw on a comfy, cotton-blend top and a pair of shorts, and you’re good to go! The key here is to find a top that fits you well, or choose one with tiny straps to minimize slippage.

Pick a fun colour, or pattern if you want to have fun with this trend!

2. The Scuba Dress

What is the scuba dress you ask? Well it’s made of body-slimming neoprene, which is also used to make wetsuits – hence the “scuba.”

Neoprene has tons of great features: it doesn’t wrinkle; it’s opaque, stain-resistant, and VERY flattering. And did we mention it’s extremely comfortable?

It makes a great little black dress, and looks great in a summer statement colour or print!

But neoprene is not the most breathable fabric, so save this dress for a night when you’re in an air-conditioned setting. It’s the perfect dinner-and-a-movie dress for date night!

3. Jumpsuits

At first glance, jumpsuits can seem like the domain of Instagram stars. But with the right fit, a jumpsuit can be the outfit in your closet that makes you look instantly put-together.

When choosing a jumpsuit, consider the cut: floor length works well on taller women, while petite women will find knee length jumpsuits work better.

For summer jumpsuits, the halter-top is the most universally flattering. An A-line, halter-top jumpsuit is low-maintenance chic. Or for a more casual vibe, try one in denim.

This summer – don’t forget to have fun with your fashion choices! Summer is short, so enjoy these laid-back styles while you can.

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