A side effect of being on the VarageSale team is regularly having your heartstrings pulled by people who say what VarageSale means to them. We never get tired of hearing about the ways that members support each other and if our app makes a difference in your day, it means the world.

We’re truly touched and amazed by the little acts of kindness and generosity that take place in our communities. Here are just a few of the amazing things that happen every day on VarageSale.

I’m a student and I struggle a lot to pay for textbooks, parking, etc.  I got a new job and needed to buy ” dress” clothes.  I went on my favourite app VarageSale to look for dress pants. I came across a member selling some. We met up effortlessly at Tim Hortons. He asked me if I was a student. I told him that I was…. He handed me the pants and said, ” Take them, I can’t take money from a student ever.” I wanted to cry right then and there.

So many people don’t understand how $10 makes a difference. It helps so much. I was so thankful. I can’t believe there still people in the world like that. Little acts of kindness really help. I told him I’ll pass on an act of kindness today as well. It really made me happy and I understand it was only $10 but $10 goes a long way especially paying $10 for parking at a school a day.”

~  Elizabeth (King, ON)

“My husband and I purchased our first home 3 years ago. Prior to that, we lived with my parents. Downsizing to a smaller home was great, but we brought too much stuff with us to the new home. Every room in our house was filled and cluttered.  I found VarageSale and have never looked back. I started to sell my items to people in our new community and we started to bond with our neighbours. One lady is the sweetest person I know, buys my little girls’ clothing in bulk.  She gives them to her nieces and friends as gifts. She has also brought us gifts over the years…homemade maple syrup from her brother’s house and freezer jam. These are relationships you don’t typically form on other selling sites.

As a stay-at-home mom, I’m using the money we earn to pay for our son’s and daughter’s extracurricular activities. I’ve almost met my goal which is to sweep the basement floor. If you’ve ever had a floor you couldn’t see because of the amount of “stuff” that sat upon it, you would understand the significance. It can sometimes be difficult to part with these material belongings so knowing they’re appreciated by the recipient makes it meaningful.

~ Cathy (Newmarket, ON )

“I first became active on VarageSale when I moved 5 months ago, and I started saving tons of extra money! No more $100’s of monthly shopping for my 7-year-old son and my 11-month old baby. I used to pay at least $200 monthly for my son’s clothes alone, nevermind what I spent on myself, my husband and my fast-growing baby.   We decided to make an oath. “We will never ever buy brand new clothes anymore, unless we really need one and can’t find it on VarageSale.”  From that, we save $400/month and use that towards a family vacation. It feels like I won the lottery.

~ Irish (Ajax, ON)

During my very first sale on VarageSale I met up with a member and our personalities instantly connected! We both use VarageSale a lot and we are equally passionate about the topics of recycling and repurposing objects.  Now, we hang out very often and love going for coffee together to strategize about the types of things we could sell. She’s become one of my best friends!

~ Erica (Montreal, QC)

As told to admin Alyson West.

Do you have a warm & fuzzy VarageSale story? Share it in the comments below! 

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One thought on “Communities That Care: Member Stories That Melt Our Hearts

  1. I’m new on here and am not good at all in sales. From what I’ve read I feel positive there’s hope for me but I’d appreciate any tips or suggestions if you come across my items. Downgrading from 1br home to 1br @my dads with 2 kids is claustrophobic. I have given away lots of my stuff but still feel trapped. I’d give away everything and very close to doing so but im desperate to move, i don’t work(disabilities)really struggling past 2 years. I’m not looking for pity never have..however advice/ help on selling techniques I’m desperate for.Also if anyone knows of any truly homeless ppl lmk thanks much.here’s to a bright future for us all!


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