Less than 2 weeks until Mother’s Day! Are you and your family ready to celebrate all things Mom? If you still need a little gifting inspiration, try a gesture that’s unique to your place in the family tree and get Mom the present you were born to give—literally.

If you’re the firstborn:

Fancy Jewellery - Earrings | VarageSale

Who’s the boss? You are, probably. The oldest child is a born leader. They’re often traditional and have high expectations of themselves and others. As a high achiever who seeks parental approval, you might opt to go with a cheesy, sentimental gift to melt Mom’s heart. The oldest tends to lead, so channel your inner boss and get everyone organized to go in together on a big-ticket item, like fancy jewellery or a designer purse. Take charge and spoil Mom!

If you’re the middle child:

Do you have middle child syndrome? As the kid who longs for a stronger identity, who better to gift Mom something that’s monogrammed or personalized? Or maybe you’ll use your natural peacemaking abilities to get Mom an organizational item that will prevent future fights about leaving messy clothes on the floor. Forever caught in-between, you might choose to go the attention-seeking route and get Mom a gift that ensures she’ll never forget you—like a blown up picture of your face.

If you’re the baby:

Nobody puts baby in the corner. The youngest is both fun and lovable, with an everlasting need to stand out and crack jokes. As the life of the party, you can set the mood for a music-loving mom with this record player (complete with a few of her favourite albums), or use your innate humour and charm to find a gift that no one else could get away with, like this set of geezer tweezers. If anyone’s going to give Mom the gift of laughter, it’s you.

If you’re an only child:

Retro princess pink phone | VarageSale
If you’re the one and only child, chances are that growing up in the company of adults made you more mature. Since you’re so in tune with the older crowd, show Mom how well you know her with a nostalgic gift like this retro princess phone. As a true independent who appreciates self-sufficiency, you could also try getting something practical and fun—like this all-in-one picnic backpack. One thing is certain—no matter what you gift her, you’re bound to be Mom’s favourite!

Make Mom proud! Shopping on VarageSale is both safe and sensible (just like she raised you to be). There are tons of great deals on unique items and best of all, they’re all local to you. Start browsing now.

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