There’s an episode of Gilmore Girls where Logan gives Rory a Birkin bag. Her grandmother Emily is thrilled by the gift and she tells Rory the purse “is meant to be used. And seen.”

That’s because designer bags are a status symbol. They make people “ooh” and “aah” and they come with fancy dustbags, which is crazy if you think about it because what kind of bag needs its own bag?

The wait lists, black markets, and high prices can make a stylish purse feel out of reach. Luckily, VarageSale is a gold mine for great designer bags at a discount. Here are 10 of the best deals selling across Canada right now.

1. Strike gold with this metallic Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, for sale in the Mississauga area.

Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch | VarageSale
Make it yours for $45.

2. This Coach leather crossbody that is both oh-so-cute and oh-so-practical.

Up for grabs in the Cowichan Valley region for only $75.

3. Pink has never been prettier than this Kate Spade wristlet which is priced to sell in our Victoria community.

Kate Spade Wristlet | VarageSale
Grab it for just $25.

4. Little black dress, meet the little black purse. This eye-catching crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff was found in the greater Burlington area.

Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody | VarageSale
Just like new and selling for $120.

5. Leave people green with envy when you tell them how much you paid for this dark olive Vera Wang handbag.

Vera Wang purse | VarageSale
Available in the Pembina Valley region for $30.

6. Clutches are tricky. How do you stuff a whole evening’s activities into a teeny tiny bag? Enter this Michael Kors XL Clutch.

Selling for just $50 in the Hamilton area.

7. Bow-loving members in the GTA should hustle if they want to snag this adorable Betsey Johnson purse. (Which works as a backpack too!)

Get two bags in one for merely $40.

8. Camels can carry up to 900 pounds. Although not quite as load-bearing, this camel-coloured Coach tote can hold almost as much.

If you’re in and around the Regina area, find this bag for only $40.

9. This elegant Versace beach tote/carryall that you can more or less fit your entire life into.

Get it near the West Island of Montreal for just $45.

10. As the hottest bag of the early 2000’s, this Louis Vuitton print will always have a place in fashion history.

Louis Viutton purse | VarageSale
Grab this great bag for $120 and check out more super steals in the Markham area.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near one of these deals, maybe consider moving to that town? Or just check the selection in your local VarageSale community! Sign up now to search your area for designer purse deals just like these.

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