location | VarageSale Clarington, ON, CA
community launch | VarageSale Community Launch: June 2013
community members | VarageSale Active members: 23624
  1. What’s your daily admin routine?
    On a daily basis, I field questions about VarageSale, review profiles to welcome new members into the community, and give an ear for members to vent (I try to be the voice of reason without getting directly involved). Some members feel like we make the sun rise, but that’s far from the truth. Really, we’re just part of the community.
  2. If you had an admin superpower, what would it be?Be nice | VarageSale
    My admin superpower would be to make people be nice to each other. People are bolder online. “Do unto others” is our general guide.
  3. What’s your favourite VarageSale feature and why?
    Accountability – you’re more human on VarageSale. I also love the praise feature! It feels good to let people know when they’re awesome. Plus, who doesn’t want to be told how great they are?
  4. What’s the best item you’ve found on VarageSale?
    Hard to say because I do a ton of shopping on VarageSale. My top three favourite items are:

    1. A projector and screen to watch movies outside with the kids
    2. New baby pink Dr. Martens (that was a killer find)
    3. Last but not least, my theatre popcorn machine
  5. What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen for sale?Alligator head | VarageSale
    I once saw an alligator head posted for $20.
  6. What is your favourite part about being involved with your VarageSale community?
    VarageSale has given me the chance to see amazing giving happen in my very own living room. Our community does a lot of fundraising. And giving back to the community. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  7. What’s your favourite food?
    Lobster hands down!!!
  8. Why do you think your community runs so smoothly?
    I think it’s the way Beth and I work as a team. She’s the yin to my yang and an amazing co-admin. She’s organized, knowledgeable, professional and is quirky enough to do this crazy thing we call “admin’ing”.


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