My mom has a secret
She has from the start
We all help her keep it
Even Dad plays his part

They wear masks in the movies
And capes in the books
Seeing their superpowers
I gave Mom closer looks

Speeding bullets are nothing
Compared to my mom
She juggles all things
With unnatural calm

Forget birds, forget planes
Forget men in the sky
I’m telling you moms are
The ones who can fly

From near and from far
She doesn’t need signaling
Somehow she just knows
Cause her mom-sense is tingling

She’s quick as a bunny
She’s fast as a flash
She stays smart and funny
While fighting diaper rash

She seems omnipresent
She hears through the walls
She’s able to prevent
At least half my falls

Her eyes are like x-rays
Her reflexes sharp
She navigates space
Like she sees in the dark

Her powers are mighty
When I’m sick, she’s my shield
I’m not even counting
Cuts and bruises she’s healed

She won’t really say it
If you ask, she’s aloof
But as years carry on
I’ve discovered the truth

My suspicion was right
Now I have satisfaction
Because I’ve seen a real
Superhero in action

Posted by:Varagesale Blog