Winter is coming, and that means it’s almost time for winter break! Kids are elated over their well-deserved time off from school, but many parents would probably love to just head indoors and hibernate.

However, munchkins may instead grant their parents the title of CEO of Entertainment. Sound like your household? Never fear—here are some ideas to help you deliver some serious indoor fun to restless kiddos without breaking the bank.

Crepe paper maze | VarageSaleCrepe paper laser maze

For this DIY, think Mission Impossible or a diamond heist. Give the kids red crepe paper and some masking tape, and ask them to set up a custom maze in your hallway. Tape strips of crepe paper straight across from one wall to another, and at a variety of other crazy angles.

The color makes it look as if your kids are bending and dodging through a corridor of red motion sensors and must contort themselves to avoid setting off an alarm.

And here’s the best part: Clean up is minimal. Just snatch the masking tape off the wall and toss out the used crepe paper. For parents, that alone is something to get excited about.

CD Case Labyrinth | VarageSaleCD Case Labyrinth

Now that everyone has shifted to listening to MP3s and we buy far fewer CDs, you can find a fun way to recycle all that plastic. Instead of throwing out your old CDs or empty cases, make them into a handheld labyrinth.

For this, you just need a small pellet, wax-covered string or pipe cleaners, scissors and construction paper. Pop open the CD case, and remove the plastic CD holder on the back cover. Then cut out a square of colored paper to go inside the back cover and serve as your maze background. Next, create the maze with the string/pipe cleaners inside the front cover of the case. Here’s where you can get creative! Create a circular maze, incorporate some right-angle turns, or follow any kind of creative pattern you choose. Then pop in that pellet (made either from baked clay, or a simple plastic one will do) and close the case. Now you’re ready to start tipping and turning to try to complete the maze in a given period of time.

Balloon ping pong | VarageSaleBalloon ping-pong

This might be one of the simplest activities on this list (but it’s a real diamond in the rough—we promise!). The kids get exercise, practice their hand-eye coordination and, best of all, they can play inside.

You only need three materials: large popsicle sticks, paper plates and, of course, balloons. Tape or glue a popsicle stick to the back of one of the paper plates to create your “paddles,” blow up the balloon and voila! You’ve created some instant fun without endangering your breakables.

Tissue box guitar | VarageSaleMake a tissue box guitar

This may be an old-school craft you did as a child, but this oldie is a goodie.

All you need is an empty tissue box, rubber bands, scissors and a used-up paper towel roll. Start by placing one end of the paper towel roll on a small end of the box, the box opening facing outward. Grab a marker and trace around the roll—this marker line is where you’ll cut an opening for the paper towel tube. Once you’ve cut out that circle, push the roll into the hole—now your guitar has a neck. Next, stretch the rubber bands lengthwise around the body of the tissue box so they cross the opening like on a real guitar. For a variety of notes, try bands of different sizes and widths.

Then your little tykes are ready to bedazzle their creation with glitter, rhinestones, doodles or any other creative designs their little hearts desire. Now it’s time to watch them rock on with their freshly minted kid-sized guitars!

Toilet paper roll binoculars | VarageSaleToilet paper roll binoculars

Who needs real binoculars when you’ve got toilet paper rolls? Your munchkins can build their own DIY binoculars in just a few minutes and become little explorers.

Simply tape together two rolls at either opening, then tape or glue string to one end so your little adventurer can wear it around their neck. If they so desire, you can help littles ones spruce up their new binoculars with construction paper, glitter or other materials to personalize them. So easy, so quick and so much fun.

This winter break, make some fun, new memories with any (or all) of these creative crafts. Now go round up the kiddos and give these DIYs a try!

Do you have other great crafts to keep your little ones busy this holiday season? Tell us about your ideas in the comments below.

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