With Mother’s Day come and gone, we’ve all had plenty of time to ponder what makes mom so very special. Whether it’s her homemade banana bread or her wonderful advice, it’s hard to deny that her magical touch can be… well… magical!

But what about her ability to love us unconditionally? Even the stinkiest of diapers or nastiest of tantrums can’t escape a mother’s love—and this might be her most special gift of all. Keep reading for seven gooey, ew-y examples from real-life moms who (still) adore their kids…

1. “That first time you go to change your baby boy’s diaper and you are literally blinded by love—yup, that’s pee in your eye.” -Susan R.

2. “When your three-month-old’s nose is so stuffed up she can’t breathe, and you end up inventing a new and pretty disgusting type of CPR. Suck, spit, (try not to) gag, start over again.” -Isabelle N.

3. “When you have your back turned, for just a moment, and your little one gobbles up that tantalizing treat you’d been dreaming of all morning… and all he’s left you are his chocolate-covered fingers to lick.” -Ariel G.

7 Things Only a Mother Could Love

4. “When your two-year-old goes to kiss grandma on Skype and covers your iPad in drool… and some regurgitated food.” -Lisa O.

5. “When you let your little one run loose after bath time… and she’s so excited that she leaves her own kind of “puddle” for you to clean up.” -Julie T.

6. “When you’re out shopping and the clerk says, ‘Look at that face! Isn’t she cute?’ and you know the store will soon be enveloped in the delicate aroma of her poop.” -Tanya D.

7 Things Only a Mother Could Love

7. “That leftover bit of his belly button that you just can’t throw away.” -Marie H.

7 Things Only a Mother Could Love

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