On a really bad day, do you ever wonder why oh why you decided to manage a local buy and sell group? Do you sometimes question whether being an admin is worth all the hard work? Are there days where you feel like just giving up on your group? If this sounds like you, this post is going to turn that frown upside down, my admin friend.

I mean, seriously, why all the moaning and groaning? You’re pretty much a local celebrity, up there with local reporters and members of City Hall. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the seven reasons why being an admin is just like being the mayor. That’s right, it’s time to acknowledge your celebrity status. And own it.

1. Everyone knows your name. It’s safe to say that your name is just as well known as the mayor’s. You’ve heard it whispered at the post office, and you’ve come to expect a number of chat “breaks” while you’re out running errands. And you could swear that one time your neighbor’s aunt was about to ask you for your autograph. It’s like your own mini version of the paparazzi! This sort of attention calls for your very own dress code: no more daytime jammies. That’s right, you’re famous for enforcing rules, changing attitudes and making sure the important stuff is taken care of. You may as well get a bumper sticker that says “The Other Mayor.”

2. You know ALL the town gossip. Love it or hate it, you’re up to date on ALL of the gossip in your community. You know which of your members’ kid just got a football scholarship, which family is getting a new puppy and whose mother-in-law comes to visit way too often. Proposals, pregnancies and promotions? You’re one of the first to know the good news! (You may as well be a member of the immediate family.) Luckily, like many a politician, you’re really good at feigning ignorance when it comes to all the stuff you wish you could unhear.

3. You have dedicated fans. Whether you know Frannie H. and her five kids or not, she knows you! After you accepted her request to join your group, she promptly followed you on Facebook and now spends a good chunk of her days liking most—okay, all—of your posts. And then there’s Sally M. who only does in-person pickups, tricks you into inviting her into your home and makes herself comfy on your couch while interrogating you over coffee. But while many a member idolizes you, just like the mayor, you can’t avoid gathering a few haters along the way. At least you don’t have to deal with election time smear campaigns!

4. You’ve been in a town parade or two. If this isn’t a task for the mayor, we’re not sure what is! That time you were asked to take part in the town parade, your members not only waved and cheered extra hard as your float went by, the truly loyal ones started chanting your group’s name to show their undying support. Because, just like a job in politics, being an admin is all about shaking hands, kissing babies and waving from atop a giant float—until your cheeks hurt from all the smiling.


5. You sit through lots and lots of meetings. Most admins choose to meet with their co-admins from time to time, whether to discuss recent issues, organize fundraising events or vent about all that member drama… sometimes over a glass of wine. Or two. While you don’t have a secretary to keep minutes for you, admit it, you kind of like keeping track of everything yourself. Similar to the mayor, you need to make sure things run smoothly. You can’t manage a successful buy and sell group from memory, people! (And while your desk may be a tad messier than the mayor’s, all those empty coffee mugs, framed baby photos and candy wrappers are there to help you get your work done. Right? Right.)

6. Giving favors isn’t just something you do at weddings or birthday parties. Being the mayor means handing out “favors” to the people who helped get you there. As an admin, you’re no stranger to favors either. But lucky for you, those you provide are typically less about keeping members on your good side and more about helping those in need. Missing pet? Sure, you’ll pin a post about it until Buttons is found. Lost everything in a fire? To the rescue! You’ll be sure to rally your members to donate gently used clothing, food and toys. The truth is, you could probably teach the mayor a thing or two about generosity.

7. Your house is littered with “campaign” material. With all those posters, signs and business cards lying around the house, you may as well be running for mayor! Not to mention the car decals you designed and that branded shirt and hoodie you like to wear around town. You know how important it is to promote your buy and sell group any way you can. If that means wearing your group tee and going door to door to drop off flyers, then so be it. Wait a minute, maybe the mayor should hire you to lead his next campaign!


But seriously, have you considered running for mayor? Think about it, you wouldn’t even need a background in politics. If your fans—er, members—exceed the number of winning votes from last year’s election, do the math… you’ve already won!

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