It’s official. You cannot bring yourself to watch Frozen. One. More. Time. Not only are you reciting lines to “Let It Go” in your sleep, but its icy backdrop reminds you that spring is still months away.

Frigid temperatures can keep you cooped up in the house for days, making it hard to keep little ones entertained. And even if you do venture out, who doesn’t dread the extra half hour it takes to stuff impatient kiddies into coats, hats, mittens and scarves? By the time the kids are geared to go, you are exhausted and ready for a nap.

Sometimes it’s just easier to hibernate.

You’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve if you and your children are going to make it to spring with your collective sanity intact. We promise, there are ways to make hibernating fun—you just need a survival guide! The ideas below should help you get through the long winter months.

1. Turn your house into a campground. The temperature outside may give you a chill, but there’s no reason you can’t pretend it’s summer inside with a good old-fashioned campout. Start by setting up your tent with some pillows and sleeping bags. (If you don’t own a tent, kids love to play pretend. Throw a blanket over a table and voila!) Then take a hike from room to room, searching for stray toys that need help making it back to their “habitats.” Go fishing in the bathtub. Tell scary stories while you cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows in the fireplace. And, if you’re lucky, you might be able to convince your kids to help you clean the “latrine.”

2. Plan a Skype playdate. The roads may be covered with snow and ice, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in total isolation. To avoid a bad case of cabin fever, it’s important that you and your child spend time with someone else besides each other. Why not Skype a playdate? Ring up another mom and chat over coffee while your children delight at seeing a friend on the computer screen. They can show off all their new toys from Santa, while you steal a few moments of adult conversation. Long live technology!

3. Clean out closets and have a fashion show. Being stuck inside is the perfect time to declutter closets filled with clothes no one wears anymore. But instead of simply throwing everything into a bag and being done with it, give the clothing one last spin on the runway. Have your children model their old favorites (they’ll get a giggle out of how they look in an outfit they’ve outgrown), dress up dolls in baby clothes, or let the kiddies try on some of your old dresses and heels. At the end of the fashion show, your closets will sparkle and you’ll have a pile of things to sell on a site like VarageSale.

4. Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle! There is nothing like cozying up with your child and breathing in the gentle scent of her hair or kissing the soft skin of his cheeks. Take advantage of the time you have together now. Soon enough, your children will be at school or out of the house altogether, and you’ll be able to weather the long winter months however you choose. And there will be times when you wish you still had a tiny hibernation buddy who could crawl into your lap and warm you with hugs and giggles. The dishes can wait. So can the laundry. This is your opportunity to stock up on that little bit of sweet, snuggly goodness…even if it means you have to watch Frozen all over again.

5. Prepare yourself for a snowstorm. Like an unwelcome house guest, there’s always a chance that the Polar Vortex will come to visit again this year. Stock up on a healthy supply of Goldfish crackers, juice boxes, chocolate and coffee. And don’t forget necessities, like diapers, baby wipes and toilet paper. You never know when the roads might get too dangerous to restock a favorite snack or rush out for an emergency diaper! 

Tired of winter weather already? Don’t dismay. With our hibernation survival guide, you’re ready for anything—from boredom to snowstorms.

Before you know it, spring will be here. And so will a new Disney film to watch more times that your little one can count.

P.S. How do you hibernate in style? Share your tips with us below…

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