Oh Summer, you lure us in with promises of snow cones, sangria, and flip flops, and then you leave us just as quickly as you came. It’s not easy saying goodbye to sunny days and sundresses, but there are a few definite signs that summer is on its way out.

1. The Pumpkin Spice latte is back. Have you been to Starbucks lately? If their signature fall drink is on the menu, you know cool weather is just around the corner. But we can’t really complain. It’s pumpkin pie in a glass, after all! Go all out and pair it with a slice (or two?) of gingerbread loaf. Swimsuit season is over anyway… right?

2. Speaking of swimwear, you can’t find a swimsuit to save your life. Planning a winter getaway and looking for a new two-piece? Good luck because all that’s left are the clearance items. We’re talking unflattering horizontal lines and outdated skirts! Maybe if you check a hobby shop you can find a scuba wetsuit to wear instead.

3. There’s a distinct chill in the air. You try to deny it. You keep wearing your thinnest cottons shirts, short shorts, and sandals, but you just can’t ignore the goosebumps on your legs. Suddenly a drink on the patio seems like more of an opportunity to get pneumonia than a chance to catch some rays.

4. Halloween displays are back to ‘haunt’ us. Pop into a retail store if you don’t believe us. They’re already featuring rows and rows of Halloween costumes and, in some cases, even candy. If the end of summer makes you want to weep, at least you can do it with a large bowl of mini Snickers bars in your lap.

5. Sweaters, sweaters everywhere! Are sweaters beginning to take over the fashion scene? Thick, chunky cable knit sweaters? It’s officially fall when people pull their “Autumn Clothing” storage box out of the garage. You can only hold out for so long before you, too, join the GAP sweater brigade.

6. The water parks are empty. The kids who were, just a few weeks ago, laughing and running through waves of water are now in classrooms and on playgrounds. School is back in session, folks. Say goodbye to picnics and ice cream cones and hello to bologna sandwiches and Hello Kitty lunchboxes.

7. The leaves begin turning. Mother Nature isn’t going to wait for you to get over your love affair with summer. When she begins painting the leaves in burnt orange and cinnamon, we can’t deny the next season is upon us. Time to put away the slip n’ slide and find that rake.

8. The homebody in you begins to come out. All of a sudden the idea of sitting at home with some shortbread cookies, a cup of tea, and a blanket over your legs sounds more appealing than a street festival. So long al fresco dinners! It’s time for cozying up to stinky cheeses, crusty French bread, and red wine.

Get ready for some serious apple picking because fall is upon us! It’s hard to let go of the carefree spirit of summer, but just think of the changing leaves, trick-or-treating, and yummy baked goods to come. Ah, Autumn. What’s not to love?

Posted by:Varagesale Blog